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Risky Hair Is Miss Czech Republic’s Edge

Miss Czech Republic Universe 2013

Miss Czech Republic (Česká Miss 2013) for 2013 Miss Universe Pageant
Age: 23 years old
Height: 1.77 m (5 ft. 9 1/2 in.)
Birthdate: February 11, 1990


“She’s pretty… Better than last year (facially)” –Mbie, Indonesia

“She reminds me Aferdita (short hair version) in some shots. I don’t like her. For me she is a clapper. Good luck anyway. I’m convinced Czech Republic won’t be the powerhouse of Europe anymore….” –Karinouninette, Paris

“She looks like Ashley Greene.” –real, Indonesia

“She’s really the best form whole crew. People who have seen only her pictures can’t understand where her magic is. It’s not about pretty face, long hair, big boobs and long legs. This girl is not an average beauty queen at all. She has brain and such a charisma, and also she is beautiful. That’s why so many people voted for her.” –anim, Philippines

“My alternate for Czeska Universe won. I will be eyeing on this lady.” –Frederick, Philippines

“She’s very likable and full of positive energy. I think Czech Republic chose the right girl. In my own opinion, this is the kind of girl MUO wants–a modern woman. With that hair, she’s pretty innovative and fresh. I just think she needs to work on the body and some details on her physique. Good luck Gabriela!” –Jaishee, Israel

“I don’t like the hair–too plain looking. Although she is a pretty girl, her hair makes her ordinary….” –valleriam, Puerto Rico

“IMO, the hair suits her so well that she’d be looking ordinary longwise…She is so my cup of tea. Hope she can nail off a stage performance.” –Elif87, Israel

“She was my Miss Ceska Earth choice. I like her, but she he has to practice on her catwalk.” –dede22, Egypt

“I think she is a pretty girl, but she looks veeeeery plain with this hair, and she also gives me a vampire vibe when she smiles, exactly like last year’s Tereza. She’s out for sure.” –Thomas876, France

“Lovely girl. She will certainly do well at MU. BTW, she reminds me of the former 1st runner up (if I do remember well) of ANTM Cycle 1.” –SantifromItaly

“I don’t know about this girl. I like her but she doesn’t convince me at all. She has this beautiful aura around her that tells me that she is a nice and charming person, but she lacks in something—the ATTITUDE to be a queen. Maybe she can start letting her hair grow and try to be more elegant. Her problem is that she should not to have this happy-and-sweet-girl look. She has to always remember that she is a queen—fierce, edgy, competent! And the right example of that is Miss Poland, Paulina.” –monsterholic, Colombia

“The winner is very beautiful, fresh, and sparkling. This hair cut suits her vey well; she is more beautiful with short hair than with long hair. I think she can be a semi-finalist in Miss Universe, but in Miss World, she will draw a full house. I found her as beautiful same as Miss France ( Marine) and Miss Polonia.” –caribicha, Martinique

“The short hair matches her face so much. I like her personality also; she seems like she is a very strong and funny person. She’s very modern and beautiful. But she needs to work more on her body if she wants to beat Latin girls.” –khi_lun2000, Vietnam

“I don’t think she should grow her hair out completely long, but I do think she should maybe go for a cute, side-swept bob so she has a little more hair to work with.” –AbiRose, United Kingdom

“She’s very intelligent. In my opinion you can’t compare both Tereza with Gabriela. Each girl is unique by her own way. Tereza Chlebovska has the vibe of sexy, but innocent and tender at the same time.Tereza Fajksova is sexy, very confident women. And Gabriela for me is a very beautiful girl; maybe not so sexy but with strong personality, very intelligent and has the aura of modern women and not only beauty queen. In my opinion the time is changing and beauty pageants should change too. And being beautiful and sexy shouldn’t be enough to win.” –Pavlina

“Oh, she is a milder version of Linda Evangelista. This girl is beautiful no doubt, but she needs to possess fieriness and edginess to keep pace with her hair; it’d be a flop otherwise. She also needs to trim her body ASAP, and practice to have an impactful posture.” –AustinIII, Myanmar

“I thought Gabriela was Miss World and the redhead was Miss Universe. Honestly she is risky, but I’m not the judge so who knows, this could work or maybe not…” –Natalie Mendoza, Australia

Miss Czech Republic sporting a long hair. Do you think she should go for this hair?

Miss Czech Republic sporting a long hair. Do you think she should go for this hair?


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