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Camille Cerf – Miss France Says “I Just Gave My Opinion”

Camille Cerf – Miss France Says “I Just Gave My Opinion”

Camille Cerf, Miss France had much fun with other French beauty queens during their recent boat cruise weekend getaway. (Photo courtesy: Skyrock)

After a relaxing weekend boat cruise with other French beauty queens, Camille Cerf (Miss Universe 2014 Top 15) is feeling better than ever. “I think I’m built”, she says. Luckily, PurePeople got her booked for an interview firsthand despite her busy schedule and, still as outspoken as she is, gets to answer some questions about her Miss Universe experience.

Following her bold comments about allowing plastic surgery in the pageant, she has made not secret that she regretted having this allowed in the pageant.

Don’t you think women who have undergone plastic surgery should be banned from the competition?
“I don’t know if they should be banned. I’m not as radical as that. But I think it should at least be controlled and has to be reflected as a part of the criteria.”

Were these surgeries very visible to some girls in the competition?
“There were quite visible stuff. There’s no way that someone will have such a small nose or big breasts.”

Fortunately, she always has the support of the Miss France’s National Director Sylvie Tellier who did not hesitate to push a rant against the international beauty contest. “Sylvie supports us. She reassures us by reminding us that international competitions are not always very accurate. She always protects us”, Camille said.

And when she was asked if she has ever been afraid of the repercussions of the comments she said about the pageant, she just simply said, “I have not really criticized any. I just gave my opinion”.

After her comment about some girls not deserving to be in top 10, PurePeople asked her about what the atmosphere was backstage in Miss Universe, and she responded “I have no complaints. We all had fun. The girls were amazing. The Miss Universe title just became a mere title out from the experience.”

She also gave her reaction about the Miss Amazona scandal.
What do you think of the Miss Amazon scandal?
“If I were attacked like that, I’d be really disappointed. I think it’s so stupid to do such things. The girl who won really did not ask for it by herself it was given to her, so it’s really a shame to the one who wants to take it from her.”

Yesterday February 4 was World Caner Day and Camille Cerf wants to mobilize her cause not only to benefit the fight against cancer but also for the humanization of the people with the disease. “It is not only for sick patients, my cause is for everyone.”

Camile Cerf posted this online petition with Rose Magazine for cancer awareness program. (Photo courtesy: Camille Cerf FB Page)

“Every money I win, including TV guesting and games, I will surely have all of them to the Foundation I am supporting with. In this battle, I am grateful that I can always count on my mother’s and sister’s unwavering support”.

Info Source: Pure People

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