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Miss Universe 2016 Official Candidates

Do you have favorites among these Miss Universe 2016 Official Candidates?

Find time to watch your favorite candidates and start to support their quest to get the crown.

We kinda had such a bad coverage in the previous Miss Universe pageant so we’re heading off to keeping our tabs on updates this year. It’s a month to go before Queen Pia passes on her crown to the next queen and we’re fidgety of the next battle, aren’t we?

Miss Universe 2016

Miss Universe 2016 Candidates I Photo Credit to the rightful owner

How time flies that fast! Thus far, we’ve seen a few stunners and we’re pretty sure they’ll give us the kind of crawling-out-of-our-skin excitement we expect to blow comes Miss Universe finals.

What about the rest of the ladies? Well, here’s we’ve got so far. Check out this Miss Universe 2016 official candidates list as of December 2016.

120 Expected Candidates Who Confirmed to Join the Pageant

More candidates will be confirmed soon and others who are already in this list may or may not be able to participate. So we’ll keep this updated and you gotta check’em right here every single beauty time, yes? 

Have a look this official video promo for the 65th Miss Universe pageant. All are excited to witness this upcoming pageant event.

We know you're looking for this. First on the list of Miss Universe 2016! Read on girlies:

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