Paulina Vega Had Her Tongue Slipped and Denied Rumors

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Paulina Vega Had Her Tongue Slipped and Denied Rumors

Paulina Vega of Colombia was in all smiles when she was crowned Miss Universe on January 25th in Doral, Miami, Florida. (Photo courtesy: Miss Universe)

Did the current Miss Universe Paulina Vega had a slip of a tongue when she revealed the official country host of the next Miss Universe? Well, probably she did! In her recent interview with El Nuevo Dia, she revealed that her reign will be a short one, roughly around 10 months, as the next beauty pageant will be later this year (December most probably) and it will be in China. Echoing the words of Daddy Trump about where the next pegeant will be staged, she echoed “Trump said that the next venue is gonna be in China. I’ll be delighted to crown my successor in China”.

Oops! That may have been a slip of a tongue, but we’re not jumping into any conclusions that the next host country is China as we haven’t received any official statements from the MUO themselves yet. And we kinda know that it’s usually announced a couple of months before the staging, don’t we?

But wherever or whenever it is, Paulina Vega has exceeded all her expectations regarding being a queen as she has already received the opportunities in her new life as a public figure before the media and the whole pageant fans.
“I had always dreamed of becoming Miss Universe until I won and it has even surpassed everything that I imagined. I feel more than comfortable living in New York with the MUO team and I am happy to be working with the people I meet on my journey. This is like a university for me – a life-learning experience. I love living the dream of traveling around the world, and meeting important people. This is something that forces me to grow as a professional”, said the 22-year old queen to El Nuevo Dia.

One thing interesting during the interview was that she got the chance to answer one rumor about Miss Puerto Rico Gabriela Berrios regarding the complaints we’ve been hearing about? They were roommates, right? So here’s what she said,

During the registration and fitting, Paulina and Gabriela seemed to have great time being with each other, and one of the things they loved doing was taking selfies together. The rumor of them not being in good terms started days after the competition kicked in, and as you guys could remember, pageant fans did hit the roof defending both of their queens. (Photo courtesy: Miss Universe)

“Gabby is super cool right from the very moment we met. We’re always on the same page at things. It’s just that we don’t get to see each other until sleeping time because we were in different groups. People just made it all up. We respected each other.”
Alright, Paulina here’s one thing! The only activity we knew that girls were separated was the Chinese Laundry and most of the time the candidates were on the same places except for those who were invited in some events.  Don’t you think she’s getting her way out of it?

Info Source: El Nuevo Dia

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