Miss Universe 2016 Rumors

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Have time to read MISS UNIVERSE 2016 RUMORS.

We know you’ve been waiting for this. We’ve received quite a lot of messages and allow us to apologize as we’re being far from the radar. We don’t have any correspondents in the Philippines.

Miss Universe 2016 Rumors

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¬†Good thing we got 11th-hour fixes. So here’s fresh for you bi**es! Read on!

Let’s start!

This is quite huge, unconfirmed yet proven to be witnessed! A frontrunner Latina is rumored to be months pregnant and the rumor about her is starting to blow up as she has been tapped as one of the confirmed semi-finalists. She was one of the candidates known to having attitude, but honestly she’s keeping tabs with how she could manage the morning sickness.

A national director of a powerhouse specifically instructed his/her candidate to get closer…extra closer to Miss Philippines and be the sweetest girl ever to the crazy fanatics but can never keep up with the given challenge. She has been seen, many times, showing the real diva in her; one of which was a video circulating around the internet.

That candidates tagged as having the attitude is personally the sweetest and kindest amongst the girls from this ‘power region’

Miss Panama’s national director has been so rude to one local Filipino designer. We’re not quite sure about the whole story but it was rumored that it was all about Miss Panama’s gown.

Two struggling candidates will enter spots.

The accident about one candidate during the national costume show was not staged contrary to the ones spread by some fanatics. She was indeed wobbly on stage and yet she made it shown as she was after the people who made it.

Some makeup artists are grumpy over Miss Philippines, and four candidates are receiving special treatments from them: Venezuela, Netherlands, Spain and France.

Miss Indonesia was seen being scolded by her national director and had quick turns over her evening gown for the finals.

Miss Mexico doesn’t have the spirit of competition and she is being very picky with the girls she goes along with. She hates girls from a big continent.

Miss Korea feels like she’s done all her best but has not achieved anything for the competition.

One gay fan was clandestinely grabbed by the security while he was peering over the candidates in an area restricted for MUO staff. What made it a scene was that the fan was grabbed mopping himself aganist the floor. Poor belinda!

Some of the candidates were asked whether or not they have issues with Miss Colombia and they replied with a BIG NO! And you know who started the poll? Miss Powerhouse Actress.

One of our correspondents during the Davao City fashion show interviewed Miss Venezuela and she was grinning from ear to ear but was seen making faces when she turned her back.

Now let’s go with the semi finals! It’s rumored that 10 girls were on tie from the preliminaries! The board of judges could do nothing about it so they decided to have all saved, and the rest of the three were all 2nd places.

A rivalry between two BFFs is heating up! Candidate A is not as famous as Candidate B and Candidate A is extremely jealous about it. What’s worse is that Candidate A has been spreading “personal”nasty lies about Candidate B.

We’ll have you on tabs guys! We’re doing our best to keep you close to the competition. Sorry this came very 11th hour!

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