Miss Universe Pageant is Rigged Says Perez Hilton

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Miss Universe Pageant is Rigged Says Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton – one of the Miss Universe 2015 judges (Photo Courtesy: Dailystar UK)

Perez Hilton breaks his silence and chooses to tell the universe what really went down in Vegas via his podcast. It is one of the most detailed account from one of four Miss Universe judges. In the end, Perez thinks that the Miss Universe pageant is rigged!

1. MUO invited him 7 days, a week before the 20th. Since he sat as a judge in 2009’s Miss USA contest he had prepared two questions for the Miss Universe 2015 contestants. The MUO had informed him that there was no need to create questions as the questions have been specially catered for the TOP 15. These questions are in regards to the candidates’ national issues and one question for the final three girls.

2. The judges knew who the TOP 15 (serious and legit) were which gave them time to assess the girls during the final days of competition. So, he already looked at the serious and legit girls and was able to pre-judge them.

3. The MUO instructed the judges to look for a beautiful girl but not to based everything on beauty alone. Perez went on to say that “Miss Colombia,” to him, “was the most beautiful contestant but she did not deserve the title.” It was different in the beginning because he really liked her.

4. Perez explained that no girl was to be given a 10 and nothing below a 7. He prejudged the TOP 15 ranging from 7-9. If a girl was a 9 but did not present or perform well during the SS and EG segments, he either scored them up or below his pre-judged number.

5. On Miss Philippines, he said that Pia “went into the Miss Universe contest to win with something to prove.” He had a preconceived notion that Philippines would not be able to rock in SS and not expecting much. He was surprise at Pia’s performance and “it factor”. Perez praised Pia for her fierceness and further surmised as her being fabulous.

6. On Miss Colombia, he said that Ariadna “went into the Miss Universe to lose with an attitude as if she has already won.” He sensed that Ariadna believes (herself) she will win. @-)

7. Going in, he “thought of the girls as a person not as an object” at the same time he considered everything. His final 7 girls were: Colombia, Philippines, France, USA, Japan, Venezuela and Dominican Republic.

8. During the EG, Perez believed Colombia for sure won the round. She (Ariadna) was the only girl who stared forward, looked fearless, and it was all about Colombia (herself).

9. Who was deserving during the Q&A? On questions regarding each candidate’s countries, both Philippines and Colombia gave great answers. At that moment, Perez began to feel uncertain about Colombia but still favored her.

10. On the Final Q&A, Perez felt that Ariadna was “a straight up diva bitch.” According to Perez, Colombia was rude to her interpreter “giving side-eye, major shade and was not happy with the pace of time.” He sums up Colombia as being “CUNTY” which was a major turn off not only for him but for the rest of the judges. He then ended his summary of Colombia as not having the best answer.

11. On the contrary, Miss Philippines gave the best answer. It was a great answer. Pia “super deserved it.” It was at the moment he became certain for sure that the deserving winner was Philippines as Pia embodies beauty, elegance, and grace.

12. He went on to say that Colombia resembled and projected Sofia Vergara and it was spooky while Philippines was being herself. And adds that Miss Philippines “earned it (the crown) fair and square.”

13. Out of the final 3, he didn’t want USA to win. She (USA) was cute but bland. She was boring, lack elegance, stage presence, and fierceness.

14. Philippines to Perez was fierce while Colombia was fierce and sassy!

15. Perez took everything into consideration not just physical beauty. Every single judge, all four had Miss Philippines as their winner.

16. On the announcement of Colombia as Miss Universe, “We were shocked. Something was off.” How is it possible? Because all four judges placed Philippines as the winner. The crowning of Colombia he thought was “RIGGED”!

17. It must be a publicity stunt. He was boggled or found hard to believe that Steve Harvey “can mess up badly.” Later social media reported that Perez shared that Harvey messed up because the host failed to attend any rehearsals.

18. “That poor girl. She won for like 2 minutes.” There was a level of “uncomfortableness and awkwardness” when Steve Harvey corrected himself and proclaimed Philippines Miss Universe 2015. Pandemonium and chaos ensued. The organization left the two girls on stage. Fox wanted drama and they waited for a fight. But Paulina Vega saved the evening by walking and consoling her countrywomen and congratulating the deserving winner.

19. Perez shared that he thought his comments on Trump would have been the buzz trending moment. However, Steve’s erroneous announcement of the wrong winner stole his thunder. As for IMG, he thinks that it was a publicity stunt

20. Perez went on to declare that Philippines won fair and square. It was not just physical beauty. “Losing is the best thing that could have happen to Colombia” He believes that Ariadna will go on and become a cross over success and probably will become more famous and successful over Philippines. And as far as Pia, she is perfect for Miss Universe.

Source: http://www1.play.it/audio/the-php-perez-hilton-podcast/

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