Miss Universe 2015 Top 10 Early Favorites

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The current proprietorship and fullest superintendence of the WME/IMG to the Miss Universe pageant is a cutthroat both mostly to the candidates and to the MUO team. When WME had a consortium with Trump back in 2011 in both pageants (MU/USA), things started to wring; from the production of the show, segments, placements, and the quality of winners…we all knew there was a revamp. Now that the company’s regime is in full swing, as pageant fanatics, we’re pretty damn sure we’re never gonna be out of popcorns supply..it’s gonna be one hell of a rollercoaster!


Because we want to give you guys the best of what the whole team believes, we truncated our first-ever-yet too-late prediction list to only 10 equally zealous and bewitching ladies whom we confidently think will have reserved spots in the semifinals. Stakes are higher and we’re closing doors to the so-so candidates. We ain’t got room for substitutes. But then again, this list might change. We know how other bitches work and we’re keeping an eye on every single one of them. Anyone can snatch a place in just one scene. Here’s who we thought are the best Miss Universe 2015 top 10 early favorites so far:


Urvashi Rautela

Photo Courtesy: SantaBanta

To be honest, Urvashi is a quintessential Indian beauty. We’ve seen her type a gazillion times. But what’s keeping us to have her on top is that we never gave ourselves a break watching her walk and sashay herself on stage. That’s something very rare for us to find. She’s appealing and undeniably interesting. Those eyes are powerful and enigmatic. Her figure needs trimming, her catwalk skills need polishing and her styling needs a revamp. She already got the queenly vibe, so if she fails to make the cut, we’re gonna put the blame to the org themselves. She’s the best girl to represent India so she has to be at her best next month. Indian glam team….WERK!


Wendolly Esparza

Photo courtesy: Nuestra Belleza Mexico

Now that Wendolly is back in the competition, we’re pretty much getting a buzz out of how she’s gonna give it all off. This Univision intern and journalism graduate can equally handle the grace under whatever pressure the competition has to throw at her. She’s very much rock-ribbed to win it all. What we’re not yet wheedled though is the way she carries herself on stage. She doesn’t appear to be someone who teeters you off. From her styling to the nuances of her facial expressions and body language, she gotta be on point. We hope she has improved in that area coz we know it’s a bloody hell of training.


Janeta Kerdikoshvili

Don’t you guys dare give this girl the brush-off! She could have been the perfect girl for Georgia last 2013, and now is her time to give it all. She may have not been noticed in Miss World 2011 but we know she has a place in Miss Universe this year. Given the right preparation, especially in personality development, she’ll do better than what she has over the past pageant years. Her dollish features and immensely striking presence are what the MUO needs this time around. We can’t get our eyes off of her. She’s a star!


Ariadna Gutiérrez

When she was crowned, we were like ‘you gotta be kidding me’! If she doesn’t place, we don’t know who will. How she looks good in prints is just as gorgeous as she is in motion. She got everything the org could ask for for a Miss Universe winner. Unless she’s extremely sheepish or irritatingly bitchy, she’s gonna land in top 5 to say the least. What the Miss Colombia team should achieve is that they gotta have something to teeter the pageants off every single day. Undoubtedly, Miss Colombia is a force to reckon, but if she doesn’t give something surprising and fresh about her, she has no way to go but to go down. She has to keep the momentum.


Monika Radulovic

A former refugee of Bosnian War, this psychologist will always have a place in our hearts. We fell in love with her last year where she placed 3rd RU with Tegan eventually winning the crown. We’re pretty damn sure she will place. Confidence is written all over this lady’s face, plus she has a story to tell. She is a woman of character and a standout in her own merits. She just needs to polish her styling and her whole look—she needs to be a major head-turner.


Laura Spoya

The strongest contender from the Latinas group. She’s the one to beat. As early as now, we can assure you guys she will place. She’s a firecracker. Even during her Miss International 2010 days, she’s already a contender. We believe she has had enough experience and preparation since then. What she needs to improve on is her catwalk skills and her presence. She should not be someone with a pretty face, but she also has to be a glamazon.


Pia Wurtzbach

At first we didn’t like her. She never gave us the thrills and chills…like the ‘damn right she’s gorgeous’ kind of way! Then here comes the Philippine glam team—transformed Pia into a Kendall Jenner doppelgänger! That explains much of why she’s here in our list. We know her struggles and failures, and we will give her the merit for brushing herself off and for braving to go through the same war and thank baby Jesus she won! Good thing Bb. Pilipinas team noticed how paunchy her face was. Her assets are now accentuated. Her weight loss and contoured figure just gave her the widest edge and of course, the biggest thumb up from us!


Clarissa Molina

Her teenybopper looks, her paunchy yet pretty cheeks and her enchanting personality are just a few of the many reasons why she has to be one of the best in the competition. Her charm is overwhelmingly addictive. She’s indeed Selena Gomez 2.0! If given with much preparation and intensive personality development, we won’t be surprised to see her on top of the game.


Olivia Jordan

Whoever says she’s not a contender is a fool. You know what we’re talking about, ei? Her pageant experience and pretty face are more than enough to prove that she’s worthy of placement. We get it when she didn’t win over Megan in Miss World but there are obviously plenty of reasons for her to get it right this time around. Olivia has perfect features to get in, plus her personality is absolutely likable.


Catalina Morales

Well everyone will agree that Catalina is miles better than Gabriela Berrios, and she’s indeed…because her presence and stance are great. She may not have the same quality of Puerto Rican queens we’ve seen over the past years and decades, but she has chances of making it this year. She’s obviously the last in our list and she’s hanging by the thread…to be honest. There are many things we don’t like about Catalina but we also have the same number of reasons to like her too. She has superb catwalk and a very impressive performance in the national in case you forget it.

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