Miss Universe 2015 Rumors 3.0

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Miss Universe 2015 Rumors 3.0


Have you guys been so pumped up of the Miss Universe season? Hell yeah we are too! Despite our lackluster coverage this year, we’re still on the game sneaking through our most reliable sources who tirelessly feed us the hottest rumors. So let’s get this started, shall we?

THE CUT. We got the 15 semi-finalists as the first cut (usually). Then all 15 lucky girls will choose one candidates who they think is deserving to be a part of the group making it TOP 16! Well most probably they choose someone who’s never gonna be a threat to them, don’t they? Then, 16 down to 11 after the swimsuit round…yes girlies..11 and not 10! So the competition goes on and the judges pick 5 finalists. And then here comes the twitter fan voting after the 5 finalists will be announced. So I’m pretty sure someone from Asia is gonna be the 6th finalist as we all know how supportive our Asian pageant fans are, right? So it’s really one hell of a battle! We’ll definitely have our tweets ready!

THE LADIES. Even if we’re away, we always have our insiders who can vouch that these ladies are the ones who are heavily favored by the MU staff, media, and fans: USA, Colombia, India, Philippines and Vietnam.


Miss India looks like a living Barbie doll.

Miss Vietnam is as hyper as Miss Colombia. They just can’t give themselves a slack. Vitamin C seems like their favorite drink or something.

A rivalry between two BFFs is heating up! Candidate A is not as famous as Candidate B and she is as jealous as hell! Ohhhh…who could they be? Here’s more—after an event where Candidate left ignored by the media, she declared cold war against Candidate B.

During the welcome event, a group of candidates was advised to set back and wait for the other girls to get settled before they were positioned in a manner that they were treated dearly. The group consists of: France, Turkey, Colombia, Peru, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Venezuela, USA, Spain, and Thailand.

That’s it for now guys! We’ll find more for you.

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