Miss Universe 2015 National Costumes Are Now Out!

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Miss Universe 2015 National Costumes Are Now Out!

Hello there ladies! Haven’t we just watched the crowning of Paulina last January? Ugh! Time has run fast as a cheetah, hasn’t it? It’s Miss Universe season again and we know you’re very much waiting for this to come. Well, as our tradition, we’re giving a sneak peek on this year’s national costumes of our candidates. Some of which are rumored-to-be-worn and some are confirmed to be official. We’ll be updating this list every single day until December as we are still waiting for other countries to announce their costumes. Enjoy!


Here’s the official national costume of Miss Australia Monika Radulovic designed by Timothy Cubbo. This design is inspired by the fabulous Dame Edna – a character created and performed by Australian comedian Barry Humphries. That headdress representing Dame Edna’s cat eye glasses is horrendous! Bitch please!

Photo courtesy: United Images


Officially announced and is making noise around the globe, here’s Miss Thailand Aniporn Chalermburanawong’s national costume for Miss Universe. This is inspired of course by the country’s famous Tuk-Tuk. Right from the start, we thought the idea was astounding! A little bit more effects on the details costume would give it a more exciting tone! Kudos to the Miss Universe Thailand team! This costume is terrific!

Photo courtesy of Miss Universe Thailand


We’re not sure if this is exactly how it looks like, but we think there’s more to it than how plain this is as of the moment. We’ll keep you updated as we’re trying to dig more snaps of the costume. This hasn’t been confirmed by the Puteri Indonesia team, though.

Photo courtesy of Puteri Indonesia


Confirmed and announced, Catalina Morales is wearing a Cabán Jaer designed costumed inspired from the architectural history of Puerto Rico. But to us this looks like a clover, doesn’t it? The colors and spatial representation of the theme seems promising but we’re not digging it. It’s so drag-queen-isa! 

Photo courtesy: Quevento


Just by the name of the country itself, you’ll have the idea of what the national costume is…or vice versa…whichever is more convincing in your part. Can’t they do something bitchy..stuff like inspired from an emblem or an insect solely found in Paraguay? Duh!


Photo courtesy: Nuestra Belleza Paraguay


We just got a hold of a scoop that this is the rumored national costume of Pia for the Miss Universe pageant. If it is, it’s gonna be a surprise from this Asian country since most of the time they dress their queens with pieces from the garbage. We hope this will be materialized in a very grand way!


Well, that’s it for now fellas! But we are pretty sure there’s more to come in the next few days. Just hold your horses and we’ll take it from here. Just swing by more often to check on updates!

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