Miss Universe 2014 Venue is in Doral, FL:CONFIRMED

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Miss Universe 2014 venue is going to be at the City of Doral, South Florida, USA which will be held next year, January 25, 2015. Luigi Boria, Mayor of the City of Doral, FL announced and confirmed the hosting in an official meeting with the Miss Universe Organization last Friday, September 12. The city mayor also announced it in twitterverse on the same day. The MUO is expected to officially announce it at a press conference next Tuesday.

The city officials of Doral, FL with the MUO representatives. (Photo courtesy: Mayor Boria’s Twitter Account)

It has been reported that the finals night will take place at the Trump National Doral Miami where approximately 90 women from different countries compete for the title. The 2014 Miss Universe contestants will be be judged in swimsuit, evening gown, and interview. Reigning Miss Universe Gabriela Isler from Venezuela will crown her successor.

The city officials of Doral, FL with the MUO representatives. (Photo courtesy: Mayor Boria’s Twitter Account)

Paula M. Shugart, MUO President said she was happy with the decision of the city council. “I am very happy. Now, we have much work to do to introduce Doral to the world”, she said.

As reported by the Daily The Americas in an exclusive interview with the MUO, the city of Doral will pay $2.5 million: $500,000 as signing contract acceptance, $1M for an advance payment on December and another $1M on February 1st. For the next three months, the Miss Universe Organization will work to get sponsors and ultimately, the city receives 15% share of the total funds raised.

Regarding the concern of having little time to grasp sponsorship, Shugart explained that the important thing will soon define the strategy. “It is not the first time we do this event, we made more complex in other cities. What we need is focus an work as soon as possible,” she urged.

Mayor Luigi Boria is very optimistic with the decision of the council despite Deputy Mayor Christy Fraga opposed to the contract as she is more concerned of other projects that Miss Universe.

Reigning Miss Universe Gabriela Isler was in the session of the council of Doral and said she was pleased with the selection of the city to host the event “mainly because it is a community where many Venezuelans reside and that makes me feel at home.”

On the other hand, most pageant aficionados and netizens were so outraged of the of this extremely late show of Miss Universe.

Here are some of their comments:

“Is this serious? Is this official? No Miss Universe for 2014? This is not good! They are skipping 2014 which means whoever wins next year will have the shortest reign? Gosh! I’m palpitating now!” –brent520, Philippines

“It is the end of Miss Universe. Period.” –ticomia, Brazil

“F**K Trump! This is too upsetting.” –Anna, Philippines

“The thought of having the contest held in 2015 is just crazy but in all fairness the girls will be able to spend Christmas Season with their families.” –terese23, USA

“This is technically be considered the Miss Universe 2014 pageant. The 2015 pageant will take place in November/December 2015 most possibly.” –Michael, Germany

“Florida is great, but why friction’ January 2015? It makes no sense. What the hell?! Whoever came up with this idea is plain stupid.” –ChasingTheRain, Slovenia

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