Miss Universe 2014 Top 20 Most Striking Glamshots

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Miss Universe 2014 Top 20 Most Striking Glamshots

The battle of the glamshots has been the battle of major surprises. We still can’t get over how the girls we least expected to be drop-dead gorgeous and conspicuous set our bar of expectations high. Well, some stunners stayed in the list but most are bolt from the blue.  Here’s our Top 20 Most Striking Glamshots

Rank 1

Photo credit: Miss Universe

Elise Dalby

This glamshot is nuts! We can never imagine how possible this shot was! Miss Norway is a real definition of a goddess here. It’s monumental. It’s every single beauty put on together in one shot! Amazeballs! Hands down man! Hands down!

Rank 2

Noyonita Lodh

Photo credit: Miss Universe

Noyo’s glamshot is probably one of the best. It was shot perfectly. The sun’s beams basking through her off the wall complexion is just monumental…plus the pulling a face! That’s just way over the top!

Rank 3

Dilan Çiçek Deniz

Photo credit: Miss Universe

Miss Turkey’s is probably one of our favorites. The undulation of her mane, the petulant look, the pout and the bearing are just put on perfectly together. Miss Turkey is a major surprise here.

Rank 4

Diana Harkusha

Photo credit: Miss Universe

Dramatic and sensual…how her hair covers her face and the way it rests through her is just thespian. She’s right on the angle and she keeps shining!

Rank 5

Lisa Madden

Photo credit: Miss Universe

Right when we saw her official swimsuit shot, we knew she’d also do well in her glamshot and yes she did not fail us here. With her hand gently thwacking her frizzy hair accentuating her hips with that pose is just ridiculous! It’s just so good.

Rank 6

Camille Cerf

Photo credit: Miss Universe

No doubt this girl has five-star beauty. The shot is so breezy and her bearing is just as if she’s being so carefree giving us the stare. How can we get over you Camille?

Rank 7

Yasmin Verheijen

Photo credit: Miss Universe

Her vixenish stare, her off-the-charts complexion and those luscious lips are just only few of the reason why she’s here. You gotta watch over this girl. She might snatch a spot in the semi finals.

Rank 8

Grace Levy

Photo credit: Miss Universe

We don’t know how she made it in this list but her stance in this glamshot just blew our minds! We’re digging the poise and the sulky expression. Such a bombshell!

Rank 9

Marline Barberena

Photo credit: Miss Universe

The ringlety hair with the right amount of volume really gave a dramatic aura to Marline. We’re also digging the provocative veiling posture here. It’s sassy and classy.

Rank 10

Yulia Alipova

Photo credit: Miss Universe

Such a classically raunchy sophistication all over her. She’s the kinda irresistably-come-tither type of lass that you’ll go head over heels with. Loving every single point she’s striking here.

Rank 11

Silvia Prochádzková

Photo credit: Miss Universe

Is it just us or are we really seeing Pam Anderson in her? We’ve been a major fan of Miss Slovak Republic and she maintained that in this glamshot…Boobies galore! LOL She can be a Baywatch babe!

Rank 12

Nia Sanchez

Photo credit: Miss Universe

The half-faced exposure and the volumized mane are just perfectly blended. Can’t get over with it yet. Vogue-ish and perpetual. Nia is now right back in track. We’re rooting for her this time.

Rank 13

Sally Jara Davalos

Photo credit: Miss Universe

Oh man! The come-hither Miss Paraguay is killing us! Why can’t she just close her eyes and let us be in ourselves? Can’t she be a lil bit merciful? She’s making us dream of her. A legit bombshell.

Rank 14

Saly Greig

Photo credit: Miss Universe

Now this girl right here really gave us a second thought whether or not it’s her. She went unrecognizable here, and it’s more than just an accomplishment. She has one of the prettiest faces this year, and this glamshot just gave her a ticket to merit. She’s pulling a Salma Hayek look.

Rank 15

Chanel Beckenlehner

Photo credit: Miss Universe

She’s on fire! Honestly we’re kinda indifferent with Chanel because she’s been forgettable all through out, but this glamshot is really a high-five! That gaping is arresting!

Rank 16

Ivana Mišura

Photo credit: Miss Universe

She really is one of the surprises. She reached the high bars on this one. The contrast of her background just added vibrance to this shot and her clinging was just not too forced. We loved it!

Rank 17

Camilla Hansson

Photo credit: Miss Universe

Oh Camilla! We know you have something to pull off and we’ve been waiting for you to shine…this is one of those moments that you make us swoon! The pleasantly windy ambience is just addictive. Loving those smiles!

Rank 18

Gabriela Berrios

Photo credit: Miss Universe

What we love with this shot is the giggling vibe and the jovial attitude that Gabriela is sporting. It’s just so  cool and happy-go-lucky.

Rank 19

Gaylyne Ayugi

Photo credit: Miss Universe

Look at how she aced the angle of her face and the right amount of attitude she put on to accentuate her curves! Genius!

Rank 20

Pimbongkod Chankaew

Photo credit: Miss Universe

Even without seeing her in motion, you’ll know that she’s the diffident type and we’re loving that. There’s so much fierceness in the glamshots and seeing her self-effacing-yet-adorable aura is just a breath of fresh air.

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