Miss Universe 2014 Rumors!

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Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 1.0


We know this is what you’ve been waiting for. Thanks to our sources. Enjoy reading!

Miss Venezuela’s only friend is Miss Spain. They don’t like the others. And both eat like dinosaurs.

2. Miss USA is inaccessible. She receives too much preferential treatment. They take good care of her and it’s obvious among the candidates. She even asked someone from SmartPageant to run to Macy’s to buy her some makeup.

3. The Europeans are the most beautiful, but they are scolded a lot because they spend too much time with their cellphones, which bothers many chaperones.

4. Miss Colombia is very beautiful but all the other girls have realized how bad she is—she has a bad attitude.

5. There are many girls who are overweight and had many problems fitting in Sherri Hill’s swimsuit and dresses.

6. Miss Dominican Republic’s nose job is so obvious, and whether you like it or not it’s the first thing you see.

7. Miss Russia only uses expensive brands – and the real thing, too – not like the imitation stuff used by some Latinas. Everything that Miss Russia uses or wears is genuine and it is obvious.

8. Miss Mexico also receives special treatment and many girls are wondering why.

9. Miss Colombia and Miss Puerto Rico are roommates and everyone knows that they don’t get along with each other.

10. Miss Costa Rica was seen chatting with her boyfriend via Facetime on her cellphone.

11. Even from miles away, one can see that Miss Venezuela is overweight and always behaves like a diva.

12. Miss Panama was seen very depressed because of all the negative comments against her by Panamanian fans. She was seen crying later.

13. Many contestants are not happy with the makeup done by the makeup artists who apply too much makeup on the girls and who would rather take photos and videos with the girls. MUO has already scolded some of the makeup artists for such unprofessional behavior.

14. One of the friendliest and approachable candidates is Miss Philippines; she’s always available and smiling with all the girls.
15. The food has not been the best so far. There is not much variety.

16. Many of the girls are confused if it is going to be Miss Universe 2014 or Miss Universe 2015 because some of the staff members say 2014 and others say 2015.

17. And the next edition of the pageant will be in 2016.

Addressing rumor number 4, Colombian pageant supporters are defending Paulina over a rumor that she has a bitchy attitude and she’s not getting along with the other candidates. Rumor as it may seem, we think this move is totally ridiculous because they’re just firing things up…they could have just shut up…in the first place, she has always been an envied frontrunner…haters are just gonna hate…so phuulleeaassee just have a cup of shut the f**k up and let Paulina do her job. Watch the defense in video:

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