Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 6.0

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Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 6.0

Miss Colombia asked Miss Serbia if she finds her not nice. Miss Serbia smiled at Miss Colombia and replied that she is nice.

Miss Venezuela was the star of the night at the Chinese Laundry event. Most Venezuelan fans went gaga over her.

Miss Serbia joked about her dress. She told Miss Panama that they should catch fish because they are both ready to go fishing with their fish-net-like dresses.

Miss Turkey was so bubbly at the event. She taught some girls some Turkish moves.

MU staff members call Miss Angola, Miss Ethiopia and Miss South Africa as the ‘Black Kardashian Sisters’. They are always next to each other.

Miss Serbia is the new BFF of Miss Venezuela. But was later seen roaming around with Miss Mexico.

Miss Spain was seen grooving with different girls yesterday.

Miss Ecuador and Miss Uruguay were tagged as barbie dolls.

Miss Costa Rica and Miss Nicaragua were very prim and proper. Many Latin fans took photos with them. Some fans were cheering Miss Costa Rica “Miss Universo”!.

Miss Poland and Miss Gabon are BFFs. Miss Gabon told the other girls that Poland is a beautiful country with beautiful people.

Miss Greece has to pin her sash attached to her top because her top is showing her tits.

Miss Singapore was flaunting her sporty look. She was sassy the whole time.

Miss Honduras and Miss Nicaragua were mesmerized of Miss Mexico. One MU staff told Miss Honduras and Miss Nicaragua that Miss Mexico is prettier than Miss Colombia.

One Latino fan was heard commenting that Miss Singapore looks like a Sri Lankan tranny.

Miss Kenya told her friends that was she’s excited of the National Parade and Festival event. She said, “It feels like I’m in Oscar”.

Miss Myanmar described her dress as her most favorite dress she has ever worn.

A staff from Chinese Laundry finds Miss Curacao as the most elegant.

Miss Philippines has the sex appeal. Most men were staring at her.

Miss India was the sweetest and the most soft-spoken. Chinese Laundry staff went gaga over her.

Many girls joked about Miss Dominican Republic’s purple earrings.

Miss Puerto Rico is beautiful in person than from her photos. Last night, Puerto Rico, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Jamaica, Philippines, India and Costa Rica were the Stars of the Night.

My friend who was in the event said Miss Jamaica is likely to pull a big surprise.

Mrs. Florida, Miss Miami and Miss Florida picked Miss Jamaica, Miss Egypt, Miss Costa Rica, Miss USA, Miss Spain, Miss Philippines and Miss Mexico as their favorites.

Some people at the event called Miss France as “Dayana Mendoza”.

Miss Russia is not beautiful in person.

My friend asked Molly who she likes at the Chinese Laundry event. Molly picked Miss Spania, Miss Venezuela, Miss Filipinas, Miss Estates Unidos.

One of the so called front runner got a design of her armpit hair! Darling it’s 2015 already and smooth is slick. Is she still living the 70’s vintage pubes and pithairs fashion?

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