Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 4.0

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Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 4.0


We’re down to our fourth edition of gossips and rumors, and we still have more in store for you. It’s just fun to know a little bit more of our girls through these. However, rumors are rumors, right? So it’s up to you whether you believe to them or not.

Mr. D said that there will be no Miss Universe 2014 or Miss Universe 2015 title thingy this year. Expect the hosts to mention “welcome to the 63rd annual miss universe pageant” or as simple as ‘welcome to the miss universe pageant”. The production committee of MUO still has not mentioned any clarifications about this.

There is this “front Runner” contestant from far far away who has a very face angelic face, but her attitude is really fuckin disgusting and bad! Some girls don’t like to mingle with her. If you will notice from the pictures, she is just mingling with some people who belong in her continent and you can see more of her photos having fun alone!

4 contestants are noticeably experiencing a VIP treatment from the MUO staff: They are USA, PHILIPPINES, INDIA and VENEZUELA!

A lot of contestants are complaining about the sizes of the opening dresses. Some of them failed to choose the color that they prefer to wear in the opening because most of the dresses are tight!

One girl said that the Miss Universe song this year during swimsuit is soo slutty! They will start rehearsing next week and they just heard the song played by the MUO Choreographer. Mr. D said that they (MUO Production Team) might consider to change the song and they will talk about it in a few days.

A lot of people are saying that Miss Venezuela is over doing a lot of things during activities. She’s a certified scene stealer! We dont know what to say about this.

One of the most ignored “pre-arrival favorite” candidates in the pageant, believe it or not, are Miss Thailand, Miss Curacao and Miss Panama!

Based on the observation of Mr. F, some Asians don’t mingle totally. Philippines, Indonesia and India are the one who are always with Latinas. Thailand always mingles with Europeans.

Based on Mr. F’s observations, there is a group-team fight this year. This time it’s not between regions, it’s between the ‘Front Runners’, the ‘Average Performers’ and the ‘Forgettables’. The ‘Front Runners’ mingle with the other ‘Front Runners’ and the ‘Forgetabbles mingle with the ‘Forgetabbles’.

In the finals, Miss Philippines will wear a beautiful elegant gown.. and the color of that gown is the “COLOR OF YOUR CONSCIENCE AND ATTITUDE”

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