Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 3.0

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Miss Universe 2014 Rumors 3.0


We would like to thank our dear friend Paola de Brach of Missosology for giving us these gossips fresh from Doral. So we’re now up for the third episode. Buckle up ladies! It’s really fun to know inside scoops, isn’t it?

These rumors were from Paola’s accomplice Mr. D and Mr. F of Albania.

From a ‘make-up’ artist:
CHI team is struggling with candidates’ attitude problems this year. Mr. F mentioned that there are 2 countries who demanded to change their make ups and repeat the photoshoot for their official gown. But the MUO team did not allow these girls because each delegate is allowed only 10 shots per photoshoot and the team will ask the girls to choose only 4 of the best shots, and then 1 best shot to be posted in Miss Universe website.

The CHI team and other make-up artists said that Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia are the most bubbly and happy people among the candidates.

One CHI staff said that Thailand’s gown is good in motion and he was really surprised to hear Thailand speaking in good straight English.

From Mr. D
There were plenty of girls in the lobby when India arrived but nobody dared to approach Noyonita. As per explanation of Mr. D, these ‘some’ girls have already communicated each other prior to their arrival using instagram and twitter that’s why they already know each other. In India’s case, they just started at her and nobody actually stood up to kiss or just say hi to her (Miss India). Maybe they were mesmerized by Miss India’s beauty or maybe the other way around. Mr. D doesn’t know exactly.

When Mr. D was asked about Miss Philippines, he said that she is regal and acts so queenly.

Mr. D added that Miss USA and Miss Australia always have the time to chitchat at each other and take selfies. They are so close.

Mr. D said that Miss India is one of the most beautiful Indians he has met in his whole life! But he was disappointed with her English accent.

Some of the ladies were still awake until 2:30AM to finish all the photoshoots and web interviews. The organizers are still contacting some ladies from countries who have not arrived yet because they need to post everything in the website before January 9/10. He said that those girls who aren’t in Miami yet will definitely experience rush photoshoots.

He added that he always sees Miss Israel 2013 with Miss Guyana 2014. (He meant they both resemble at some point.)

Mr. D said that the Asian delegates are more closer to Latinas. He was really surprised to see Latinas mingling with Europeans and some Asians which is not normal coz most of the time Latinas mingle with Latinas too.

One CHI staff was really embarrassed when she called Miss Panama as Miss Ethiopia. Miss Panama laughed and said ‘no problem’.

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