Miss Universe 2014 Reviews: Results, Achievements and Surprises

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Miss Universe 2014 Reviews: Results, Achievements and Surprises


Paulina Vega, Miss Colombia was in all smile after being crowned Miss Universe. (Photo courtesy: Miss Universe)

Final Results
Special Award
National Costume


ASIA (3)
(Philippines, India, Indonesia)

(Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil)

(USA, Jamaica)

(Ukraine, Spain, Netherlands, France, Italy)

No Placement


Too bad, another African blackout happened in Miss Universe. It’s another two-year blackout like in 1993-1994, and 1996-1997. We had hopes that Gaylyne Ayugi from Kenya might surprise as she was the contender from this continent, but she really didn’t make it. We’re a bit glad though that one black queen (partly) made it to the top 15, but still she did not represent an African country. Our African girls were all pretty this year but they weren’t not that competitive, including Ziphozakhe Zokufa of South Africa. This is the second year in a row. The last successful African in the pageant was Leila Lopes of Angola in 2011. Is Miss Universe becoming racist?

Europeans and Latinas dominated the top 15 semifinals. Five (5) competitive European ladies made it and four (4) Latinas. The number of Asians declined compared to last year; only three (3) made it this year while four (4) last year. There was a blackout in Australia/Oceania continent last year, but good thing Australia placed this year. USA maintained an impressive placement, and even placed higher this year than last year. One Caribbean lady made it this year which is quite impressive since most Caribbean girls usually don’t place in the pageant.


After 56 years, Colombia finally got their second Miss Universe crown. Their first win was in 1958 (Luz Marina Zuluaga Zuluaga). In the Miss Universe history, this year is Colombia’s 31st placement.

USA had its 9th 1st Runner Up finish. USA is the country with the most wins and placements in Miss Universe with a total of 57 in 63 years.

Ukraine recorded another top 5 finish in Miss Universe history. It’s their third top 5 finish after 2010 (Ana Poslavska, 3rd RU) and 2011 (Olesya Stefanko, 1st RU). They also placed in the top 10 last year. In Miss Universe history, this year is Ukraine’s 6th placement.

Netherlands made it to the top 5 after 22 years. The last top 5 (well top 6) placement was in 1992 (Vivian Jansen). Kelly Weekers (Netherlands) impressively made it to the top 16 in 2011. It’s been the fourth placement of this country in Miss Universe with the MISS NETHERLANDS since 1991.

Kaci Fennell gave another top 5 placement for Jamaica after Yendi Philipps (1st Runner-Up) in 2010. It’s the country’s 3rd top 5 placement in Miss Universe history, and the 6th placement including other Top 10 finishes in 1989, 1999, and 2004.

Philippines broke its top-5 streak. They recorded a 4-peat top 5 finish from 2010 to 2013 which is considered as one of the longest top 5 streaks in Miss Universe history. The country also had a 4-year streak placement in 1972-1975.

It’s Venezuela’s 14th semifinal placement in Miss Universe history. The country has a total of 39 placements (with 7 crowns), which makes them 2nd in the overall ranking in the pageant’s history.

This year is Spain’s 17th placement record in the pageant’s history with 1 crown (1974), and 7 runners-up.

Like Spain, it’s France’s 17th placement record in Miss Universe history with 1 crown (1953) and 1 runner-up.

Argentina broke its 7-year drought. The country’s last placement was in 2006. Argentina has a total of 15 placements in Miss Universe, with 1 crown (1962) and 2 runners-up.


Miss Netherlands, Miss Italy, and Miss Australia were the major surprises. No one predicted that they will place. They weren’t considered frontrunners, and not even darkhorses. Miss Italy was rumored as one of the Trump picks because of Yamamay. Miss Netherlands somehow slinked her way in to the semifinals as she aced both her glamshot and swimsuit profiles. Among the three, Miss Netherlands had the highest shocking achievement landing a 3rd Runner-Up finish.

Miss Jamaica was a crowd favorite during the finals night and the MUO got the loudest boo from the audience when she was announced as 4th Runner Up. Nearly all were shocked at the result because Miss Jamaica was one of the top 5 ladies who aced the interview round based on wit, grace, and substance.

Miss Argentina gave a very impressive performance in the preliminary competition and made her a top favorite. She had not been a favorite until that night.

Heavily-favored Latinas failed to make the cut. They were: Miss Costa Rica, Miss Mexico, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Ecuador, and Miss Nicaragua.

Two European frontrunners failed to place: Miss Russia, and Miss Serbia.

The one final question system is back with the headphones.

The fan vote was removed so the semifinal round went back to top 15.

The national costume voting was done through twitter.

During the top 15 announcement, individual videos of the semifinalists were shown after every announcement. It was something new to the plate since these profile videos are usually shown after all semifinalists are announced.

The top 15 and top 10 announcements were divided into two batches.

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