Xhaneta Byberi – Miss Albania Universe 2014

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Xhaneta Byberi - Miss Universe Albania 2014

Miss Universe 2014 Candidate Xhaneta Byberi – Miss Universe Albania 2014

Miss Universe Albania 2014 Xhaneta Byberi is a freelance model from Albania and studying foreign language and literature at Asim Voskhi and she speaks Italian, English and German. She will bring back the limelight to Albania after last year’s withdrawal of the country from the competition due to security reasons. Xhaneta Byberi had previously won the title ‘Best International Top Model of Albania’ in 2013 and had also received the award for Miss Photogenic at the Miss Universe Albania 2012 pageant. She came back 2 years after and finally won the crown. She was crowned Miss Universe Albania 2014 at the National Theater of Opera and Ballet ((Teatri i Operas dhe Baletit) in Tirana, Albania on October 8, 2014. She is 19 years old who stands 180 cm.

Albania’s last placement was in Miss Universe 2010 where Angela Martini made it to the top 10. Will Xhaneta be the next girl to wave the Albanian flag? We actually thought so. She can definitely pull a surprise and we thought she deserved to be the country’s official representative. She definitely is a great choice. And knowing Fadil Berisha, he knows who to send and why. Here are some of the comments from our pageant enthusiasts and experts:

“Xhaneta Byberi definitely has potential. I’d like to see more of her though before I judge.” – Smile, Fashion Expert, NYC

“She has strong features. I will wait to see more of her, but at the moment, I am not convinced.” -Eline24, Belgium

“She’s got a very Albanian/Mediterranean type of beauty. With the right preparations, she would be quite the threat. Beauty is here, but then again, with Fadil…” -Mr.Appeal, USA

“I honestly believe Xhaneta is a decent choice. She’s an upgrade from Abdrola. She’s very pretty in motion, too.” -Suave, Albania

“She is very exotic and unique, very fierce and sexy. She’s a top 10 material because of her exotic sex appeal.” -Elio, Lebanon

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Photo Courtesy: Xhaneta Byberi Facebook

Photo Courtesy: Sonny K. Elson Photography

Photo Courtesy: Miss Albania Universe Facebook

Photo Courtesy: Fani Aliko Photography

Photo Courtesy: Fani Aliko Photography

Photo Courtesy: Armand Sallabana Photography

Watch Xhaneta in motion in one of her photoshoots with the ever famous Fadil Berisha.

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