Rathi Menon – Miss Universe Singapore 2014

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AGE: 24
HOMETOWN: Singapore
HEIGHT: 5’ 6”
LANGUAGE: English, Tamil

Rathi Menon is the first Indian beauty to win the Miss Universe Singapore title since 1998. She is not only a beauty queen, but also a “classy-biker-chick” at heart. This 24-year-old owns a 400 CC Super Four motorcycle. She is a pharmacy technician by profession, but a huge animal lover and volunteers at an animal shelter because it brings her great joy. She finds cooking very therapeutic and her signature dish is Bubur ayam (chicken porridge). Friendly and jovial by nature, Rathi is a family orientated person and adores her family. She loves to meet people, make new friends and values true friendship. She enjoys learning about different cultures and ethics. She loves dancing and if you play any Pop music, you would have trouble keeping her from dancing.

1. Rathi owns four classes of motor vehicle licenses in her country, two of which are motorcycle licenses.
2. She is from a minority community in her country and it has been 22 years since an Indian woman won in the history of Miss Universe Singapore.
3. She has worked as a flight attendant and as part of her training had a chance to sit at the cockpit of Boeing 337. The view was amazing and for a moment, it felt like she was in heaven.

Info Source: Miss Universe
Photo Source: Miss Universe

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