Andjelka Tomasevic – Miss Universe Serbia 22014

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AGE: 21
HOMETOWN: Belgrade
HEIGHT: 5’ 7”
LANGUAGE: Serbian, English

Andjelka Tomasevic was born in Zubin Potok, Kosovo i Metohija, Serbia. She is currently a second-year student of Faculty of Tourism in Belgrade. Her hobbies include sports, acting, dancing and reading. She also has modeling experience, participation in a few humanitarian fashion shows and Serbia Fashion Week.

1. Her favorite traditional Serbian food is called ajvar.
2. She likes telling jokes, but is not very good at telling them because she forgets the punch line halfway through.
3. Since she was a little girl, she likes teasing her sister. Whenever she reads a book, she likes to move the bookmark a few pages ahead so she is confused when she picks up the book again.

Info Source: Miss Universe
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