Sally Jara Davalos – Miss Universe Paraguay 2014

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AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 5’ 6”
LANGUAGE: Spanish, Guarani, English

Sally Jara was born on July 15, 1994 in the City of San Lorenzo, Paraguay, which is located 15 kilometers from the capital, Asuncion.

At 18, she finished high school at Santa Teresita School. She then applied and was admitted into the American University of Asuncion. Sally is currently completing her third semester of the Commercial Engineer 10 semester program. During this time, she participated in the Miss San Lorenzo 2012 beauty contest where she was crowned queen out of 90 participants.

In 2013 she was crowned Miss Central (Representing the whole State of Central) and therefore participated in Miss Paraguay, representing the Central State where she was crowned Vice-Queen.

At age 20, Sally Jara participated in Miss Universe Paraguay 2014 and is proud to now represent Paraguay in the 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant.

1. Sally can imitate almost all of her foreign friend’s accents.
2. She is a big fan of cartoons, such as Dragon Ball Z.
3. She loves pulling pranks on her sister and friends.

Info Source: Miss Universe
Photo Source: Miss Universe

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