Josselyn Garciglia – Miss Mexico

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AGE: 24
HOMETOWN: La Paz, Baja California Sur
HEIGHT: 5’ 8”
LANGUAGE: Spanish, English

Josselyn Garciglia was born in La Paz, Baja California Sur on September 25, 1990. As a child, she enjoyed learning Polynesian dances, going to the beach and playing with her cousins. She enjoys sports and has won multiple events in different disciplines such as swimming and water polo. At the age of 17, she finished high school and faced the adventure of living in London, England for a year to learn another language and travel around Europe, an experience full of learning and maturity.

At 22, she graduated with a degree in nutrition and one of the best averages in her graduating class. During her university days, Josselyn completed courses in beauty culture and cosmetology. She earned a certificate as a Diabetes Educator for the Mexican Association of Diabetes. In October of 2013, she was crowned Miss Universe Mexico. While preparing for the biggest event of her life, Josselyn does not lose the joy and the desire to succeed in the goals she wants to accomplish.

1. Josselyn likes to impersonate people and is very observant of their characteristics.
2. She is not a morning person and usually wakes up with an attitude of a little spoiled girl, which ends up being funny later.
3. She is clumsy and trips on steps too much, sometimes she thinks she has two left feet.

Info Source: Miss Universe
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