Pallavi Gungaram – Miss Universe Mauritius 2014

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AGE: 21
HOMETOWN: Vacoas-Phoenix
HEIGHT: 5’ 6”
LANGUAGE: Mauritian, Creol, English, French, Hindi

Pallavi Gungaram, crowned Miss Universe Mauritius, is a beauty ambassador of her country. Born and raised in the city of Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius, she is currently a student in Psychology at the University of Mauritius. She comes from a modest family of two children where she is the youngest and has been blessed with the unconditional love and support of her family members. Being a down to earth person, Pallavi has always maintained her simplicity despite her title and believes that happiness can be found even in the darkest of times. She welcomes challenges and undertakes any responsibility given to her with dignity. She is passionate about reading and simply loves to get lost in the fantasy world. She is fond of adventures and anything thrilling like water-sports. Her most ardent dream remains bringing glory to her motherland, and she is striving to make that dream come true.

1. When no one is looking and Pallavi has something on her mind, she talks to herself. She literally will think aloud, weighing pros and cons to be able to make a good decision.
2. When she is stressed or angry, she practices laughter therapy, which she learned in yoga.
3. She pats her own head whenever she has anything big coming up, such as exams or speeches to help boost her confidence level.

Info Source: Miss Universe
Photo Source: Miss Universe

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