Patricija Belousova – Miss Universe Lithuania 2014

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AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5’ 5”
LANGUAGE: Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, English

Patricija Belousova is 19 years-old and is a professional ballroom dancer. She was born in Lithuania, Vilnius, into a Polish-Russian family. Recently, she graduated from Polish Gymnasium of John Paul ll. Also, during her school days she was involved in theatre. Patricija was accepted to the Lithuanian Sports University, where she is studying Training System.

At the age of five, her dancing career began. She practiced ice-skating and tennis as well, however, in course of time dancing became the most important sport in her life. During her career, she has won Lithuanian and German Vice Champion, multiple times, was a finalist of the World Championship 2014 and winner of many high level international contests.

Patricija’s dream is to open a dance school for children, adults and physically challenged people. She hopes that it may help disabled people to find the meaning of life in dancing and thus reach their dreams!

1. Patricija often shops for shoes in kids stores because her feet are so small.
2. She can never decided what to wear, and always asks other people to help her choose.
3. Patricija is an over-packer for trips. She packs outfits for any mood she may be in while traveling.

Info Source; Miss Universe
Photo Source: Miss Universe

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