Lara Debbane – Miss Egypt Universe 2014

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AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 5’ 9”
LANGUAGE: Arabic, French, English, Italian

Lara Debbane lives in the magical city Cairo and is currently studying Mass Communication at Notre Dame University in Lebanon. Since she was a child, she took part in many artistic and sports activities such as the musical play “The Sound Of Music”, national Opera ballet performances and school basket games. She has a great passion for all types of dancing, music and acting/directing. She has been involved in many charity projects focusing on children, youth and environment. Her dream job is to become an international movie director as well as take part in many charity works that would benefit women and youth empowerment worldwide. She believes that each one of us is born with a unique gift and real happiness lies in using our gifts in helping each other and putting a smile on those who need it. In her opinion, great achievements are not measured by how big our action is, yet by simple and small acts that we do with great love. For Lara, beauty is a mixture of well education, good manners and respect.

1. Lara blushes very easily.
2. She loves watching all her Disney movies at least twice a year.
3. She likes to play with dolls once in a while, especially changing their clothes, doing their hair and acting out various scenes.

Info Source: Miss Universe
Photo Courtesy: Miss Egypt Facebook (

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