Josefin Donat – Miss Germany

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AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 5’ 6”
LANGUAGE: German, English

Josefin Donat, known as “our blonde angel” in German press, was born in 1994 and works as a nurse. She represents more than beauty but values her character. She is confident, ambitious, humorous, and is always seen with a smile on her face. She uses these qualities to chase after her dreams. It’s no surprise that she pursues a medical career over an entertainment career with her natural charisma and passion for helping people. Josefin also describes herself as very persuasive, and has a great convincing talent. Her friends and family mean the most to her.

1. Josefin has a dog that looks like an alien! Or like a famous German soccer player, Mesut Oezil.
2. She loves to collect mushrooms in autumn. She cleans them, cuts them and then her grandmother cooks them and makes a famous German Pilzen sauce.
3. Her last name is Donat, pronounced like donut! The newspapers in Germany call her “unser Blonder Engel,” and she prefers that name.

Info Source: Miss Universe
Photo Courtesy: Alex Fritsch Photography (

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