Ivana Mišura – Miss Croatia

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AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 5’ 7”
LANGUAGE: Croatian, English

Ivana Mišura (born c. 1990) is a Croatian beauty pageant titleholder. Ivana was born in Zagreb,Croatia and she is working as a Model in Zagreb, Croatia. Ivana was crowned as Miss Universe Hrvatske 2014 and will represent Croatia at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant. The pageant was held at the Marina Cvetkovića Sports Complex in the coastal resort town of Opatija. Runners-up in the contest were Meri Benčić, 25, and Andrea Generalić, 20. Miss Photogenic was Mateji Hunjed, and Miss Congeniality was Anđela Marijanović. A total of 21 finalists competed for this prestigious title, giving definition of the great 170-year anniversary of organized tourism in Croatia. Musical performances were of Soulfingers’ and Slovenians Samuel Lucas & Nermin Puskar. Former Miss Universe Croatia Ivan Delač Đolo was the program head of the night’s show.

Ivana Mišura during the coronation night of Miss Universe Hrvatske. Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Croatia
Ivana Mišura being crowned during the finals night of Miss Universe Croatia 2014. Photo credit goes to Miss Universe Croatia.

Photo courtesy: MissUniverseUSA
Photo credit goes to Miss Universe USA

Photo courtesy: Sash Factor

Photo courtesy: Sash factor

Here’s a video of the official candidates of Miss Universe Croatia 2014

Video courtesy of Youtube

You can see more of Ivana in this video.

Video courtesy of Extravagant Rejika Youtube Channel

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