Patricia Murillo – Miss Universe El Salvador 2014

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AGE: 21
HOMETOWN: Juayua, Sonsonate
HEIGHT: 5’ 6”

Patricia Murillo is a hardworking and determined woman who always accepts challenges. She was born in a place called “The Route of Flowers” and grew up surrounded by coffee plantations. Her father taught her the process of growing coffee with a beautiful aroma and flavor. Ironically, Patricia does not drink much coffee because she is very sensitive to caffeine. When she was young, her parents divorced and she lived with her mother. Sadly, her father lost his life in a car accident. Patricia had to step up and help pay for house expenses and started to work at a beach hotel as an entertainer. Her goal was to find a way to make it into the professional dance team so she had to work overtime. She is now following her new dream to be the first Salvadoran to take home the Miss Universe crown.

1. Patricia fell into a lake while riding her bike home with friends from her job at the beach hotel. They all laughed and made fun of her.
2. Patricia’s knows how to ride motorcycles and rides motocross with her brother. 3. Patricia once dressed up as Speedy Gonzalez at the beach hotel she worked at. The kids ended up hitting and pushing her. She had to take the costume off so the kids could recognize her and gave her hugs after.

Info Source: Miss Universe
Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe

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