Yanliang Hu – Miss Universe China 2014

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AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 5’ 11”
LANGUAGE: Chinese, English

Yanliang Hu has a tomboy personality. She likes to try new things, and always sees the world from a different perspective. She is a Beijing photographer and enjoys to capture the emotion of each moment. Yanliang is proud to be Miss Universe China 2014.

1. In high school, she dressed as a man to play a Chinese emperor in a performance to celebrate the Chinese lunar New Year.
2. She once went to a police exhibition dressed in her mother’s police uniform, without her mother’s knowldege. No one realized that she wasn’t an actual officer and people voted for her to become the most beautiful “Miss Police Officer” as well as insisted on taking photos with her.
3. When she was 2 years old, she participated in a performance with the other kids from her kindergarten and got to take a picture with the mayor.

Info Source: Miss Universe
Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe

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