Abena Appiah – Miss Universe Ghana 2014

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AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5’ 9”
LANGUAGE: English, Twi

Abena Appiah is fashion student at the Radford University in Ghana. She received her high school education in the United States and completed her degree in Ghana. She is a determined and fun-loving woman. Abena won Miss Talent Ghana in 2012 and won Top Model Ghana in 2013, she also represented Ghana in the Top Model Of The World pageant held in Egypt. Abena is an entertainer and loves to be entertained. She has been modeling since age 3 and discovered her music abilities at the age of 9. She sings, models, acts, and writes her own music. She plays the guitar, recorder and the clarinet. She has released five singles and is working on her first album to be released in 2015. “Strive hard to achieve your goals no matter the circumstances,” that’s her philosophy. With the revenue from the release of her first album, Abena plans to create opportunities for young Ghanaian women and girls through a talent management school she plans to open in Ghana.

1. Abena can braid her own hair without a mirror.
2. Abena can speak and sing like a man.
3. Abena can burp more than 50 times in a row.

Info Source: Miss Universe
Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Ghana (http://missuniversegh.com)

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