Miss Universe 2014 Official Candidates

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Miss Universe 2014 Official Candidates

MISS UNIVERSE 2014 Official Candidates – Another year of tournament, another year of battle of beauty and wit, another year of showcase of talents, another year to celebrate the beauty of women around the world. This is…Miss Universe 2014! Let’s meet this year’s official candidates who will vie for the Miss Universe crown face-to-face, toe-to-toe, and sashay on stage in Doral, Miami January next year.





1. Kenya – Last competed in 2005
2. Egypt – Last competed in 2011
3. Portugal – Last competed in 2011
4. Albania – Last competed in 2012
5. Georgia – Last competed in 2012
6. Ireland – Last competed in 2012
7. Kosovo – Last competed in 2012
8. St. Lucia – Last competed in 2012
9. Uruguay – Last competed in 2012

1. Azerbaijan
2. Botswana
3. Denmark
4. Estonia
5. Namibia
6. Romania
7. Vietnam


1. China: Nora Xu resigned her title, preferring to continue with her studies instead of competing in the pageant. She was replaced by Karen Hu Yanliang.

2. Serbia: Andjelka Tomašević was choosen to compete due to her success in Miss Earth 2013 pageant.

3. South Africa: Rolene Strauss was crowned Miss South Africa 2014, after she crowned Miss World 2014, she will not be able to compete at Miss Universe 2014. Ziphozakhe Zokufa, the 1st runner-up, replaces her as her representative for South Africa.

4. Thailand: Weluree Ditsayabut resigned from her title on 9 June. Weluree was to represent Thailand in Miss Universe 2014, but resigned from her title after calling for supporters of the prime minister of Thailand to be executed. 1st Runner-up Pimbongkod Chankaew will represent Thailand in Miss Universe pageant.

5. Ukraine: Anna Andres resigned her title due to personal reasons. 1st Runner-up Diana Harkusha was selected to represent Ukraine at Miss Universe pageant.



1. Ethiopia: Hiwot Mamo was appointed as “Miss Universe Ethiopia 2014”, she was the 1st runner-up at the Miss World Ethiopia 2014 pageant.

2. Greece: Ismini Dafopoulou was appointed as “Miss Universe Greece 2014” after a casting call took place.

3. Haiti: Christie Desir was appointed to represent Haiti by Magali Febles, national director of Miss Universe in Haiti.

4. Poland: Marcela Chmielowska was appointed as “Miss Universe Poland 2014” due to the rescheduling of the Miss Polonia 2014 pageant to December 2014. She was Miss Polonia 2011 2nd Runner-up.

5. Switzerland: Zoé Metthez was appointed as “Miss Universe Switzerland 2014” after a casting call took place.


Contestants who previously competed or will compete at other beauty pageants:

Miss World
2014: Austria: Julia Furdea (unplaced)
2014: Belgium: Anissa Blondin (unplaced)
2014: Georgia: Ana Zubashvili (unplaced)
2014: Lebanon: Saly Greige (unplaced)

Miss Earth

2011: Guatemala: Ana Luisa Montufar (unplaced)
2012: Sweden: Camilla Hansson (unplaced)
2013: Serbia: Andjelka Tomasevic (Top 8)

Miss International
2009: Canada: Chanel Beckenlehner (Top 15)
2011: Portugal: Patrícia Da Silva (unplaced)
2014: Gabon: Maggaly Nguema (unplaced)

Miss Supranational
2011: Netherlands: Yasmin Verheijen (unplaced)
2012: Costa Rica: Karina Ramos (Top 20)
2012: Puerto Rico: Gabriela Berrios (Top 10)
2014: Gabon: Maggaly Nguema (2nd Runner-up)

Miss Grand International
2014: Ethiopia: Hiwot Mamo (1st Runner-up)

Miss Italia nel Mondo
2010: Dominican Republic: Kimberly Castillo (Winner)

Miss Tourism International
2008: Uruguay: Johana Riva (Top 15)

Miss United Continent
2010: Canada: Chanel Beckenlehner (Miss Photogenic)
2014: Bolivia: Claudia Tavel (TBA)
2014: Ecuador: Alejandra Argudo (TBA)

Miss Atlántico Internacional
2010: Uruguay: Johana Riva (Miss Photogenic)

Nuestra Belleza Latina
2013: Nicaragua: Marline Barberena (Top 24)

World Miss University
2008: Peru: Jimena Espinoza (unplaced)
2011: Slovenia: Urška Bračko (unplaced)

Reina Hispanoamericana
2013: Bolivia: Claudia Tavel (6th Runner-up)

Reina Mundial del Banano
2011: USA: Nia Sanchez (unplaced)

2012: Philippines: Mary Jean Lastimosa (Top 10)

Asia New Face Model
2011: Malaysia: Sabrina Beneett (Top 6)

World Next Top Model
2013: Ecuador: Alejandra Argudo (Top 12 – Top Model South America)



Negotiations between Ceará State Secretary of Tourism, Brazil, and Miss Universe Organization started in late September 2013, when MUO directors traveled to Fortaleza to start dialogues and arrangement of pageant activities in the city. On January 11, 2014, Bismarck Maia, State Secretary of Tourism, announced the latest development to Fortaleza’s market leading newspaper, Diário do Nordeste, confirming that the event would be held at Centro de Eventos do Ceará, in Ceará’s capital.

On March 27, 2014, Annette Cammer, national licenses director of Miss Universe Organization answered via an e-mail conversation to a question by a national directive that the 2014 Miss Universe pageant would not be held in Ceará’s capital as promised and announced by local authorities. Fortaleza’s bid was officially retired on May 20, and four other Brazilian cities – Rio de Janeiro, Ribeirão Preto, Porto Alegre and Manaus were being considered by MUO as a replacement.

On August 22, 2014, Donald Trump posted to Twitter that Miami and other cities were “fighting hard to host the Miss Universe pageant” and that an announcement would be made soon; specifically mentioning the city of Miami prompted many pageant watchers to believe that the pageant was headed for the Floridian city for the first time since 1997.On September 9, 2014, Puerto Rican newspaper, El Nuevo Dia, and Venezuelan newspaper, El Nacional, each printed an article that said that the contestants would be staying at a Trump-owned hotel in Miami; further fueling rumors that the pageant would be held in Miami in December.

On September 12, 2014, Luigi Boria, mayor of Doral, Florida, announced via Twitter that the pageant is going to be held in Doral on January 18, 2015; leading to some controversy among pageant fans. It was confirmed in late September. This means that this will be the first year that the pageant skips a year. It will still be the Miss Universe 2014 pageant with the 2015 edition held later in the same year.

Source: Wikipedia

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