Miss Universe 2014 Favorites: Latinas and Asians Lead (Pre-Arrival)

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Miss Universe 2014 Favorites: Latinas and Asians Lead (Pre-Arrival)

We’ve been keeping track of the girls for the past 4 months and we believe it is time to reveal our pre-arrival prediction for this year’s battle of beauty. This prediction is based on girls’ transformations, our observations from different pageant sites’ hotpicks, and updates circulating around netizens. We believe that these are the girls who complete the list of front-runners and will make the cut; nevertheless, prediction as it is, no one is sure whether or not a candidate is destined to be the new Miss Universe. Moreover, this will change as we still have our Miss Universe 2014 final prediction before the finals. But let’s see what our prediction powers can do. Let me present you the fifteen ladies who really are on the radar thus far.

Top 16 Prediction Video

And here are the girls:


The Catwalk Diva with a poisonous walk. She has a very powerful personality that can outshine the rest of the candidates. This girl is a legit glamazon. She knows no boundaries and she’s up for the challenge. Another top 5 placement? We don’t mind! She can be there, and mind you…she might win the title.


Rumored to be having some personal issues due to pressure? Nah. That’s never gonna happen to this very strong contender. It’s just plain jealousy because they know they cannot stop her from making waves in Doral. What else can we say for this girl? She is like crafted to almost perfection! Crown for Colombia? YES! A big YES! Bring it on Paulina!


What’s interesting with this girl is that she keeps her track. Karina has grown from a shy girl to a glamazon. Watching her in Supranational, she seemed a little bit off on stage, but when she came back and competed for Miss Costa Rica, damn….she got it right on! She has improved a lot and she’s on the right path.


At first, you’d think she’s in her sweet 16 because of her very sweet-softy looks. But nah-ah nah-ah! She just looks like that but she’s a glamazon too! She’s ready to scrimmage with other girls on stage! She’s very much committed to winning the title and can do head-to-head with the other frontrunners. never underestimate this girl baby!


If there’s one African candidate that stands out among the rest, it would be Miss Gabon. She’s a hot shawty! She can burn the floor on fire! She owns the stage and we love her teeny looks. There are lots of ebonies that are clear standouts this year and Miss Gabon is definitely on the lead.


Niketa is unparalleled. She hasn’t stopped getting into the limelight. She’s waving the African delegation’s flag. Her beauty is very captivating. She is special, and she’s more of like a silent competitor….slowly but surely! Along with Miss Gabon, this girl is gonna take one spot in the top 16.


It’s been 13 years since India got a title. We’ve seen two Misses India placing for the last two years and Noyonita is there slay it all out! She’s an Asian to watch for. She’s edgy. Her facial structure is near-perfection. Her skin tone is to die for. Her catwalk is vogue-ish and she’s very stunning! Watch out for this lady. Watch out!


The wardrobe, the training, the transformation, the exposure—Elvira has it all! She’s always in the spotlight. Her national costume is a stunner. Her photoshoots are astounding. She keeps moving ahead. She’s a real woman-at-arm. We like her more than Whulandary. This girl has the personality and we luurrrvvveeee it!


Miss Jamaica strikes like a very sophisticated woman of the modern times. Her beauty is timeless. She got this classic look at the same time very chic and edgy. To be honest, facially, she’s way better than Yendi. Performance-wise Yendi is way way better. But this girl right here has really something going on that we can never ignore. She’s really IN!


We love her youthful vibe. Her light and bubbly aura is arresting. We just love looking at this attractively sassy Latina. We love every bit of her. She’s underrated by many pageant fans but our guts say she’s gonna make it big in Doral. We’re rooting for her. She might place higher than Nastassja.


Being named as the strongest Filipina to participate in Miss Universe, we think she deserves that connotation because she has it all to take the crown. She’s very determined, well-transformed, very stunning and well…she’s Miss Philippines. We all know that girls from this country have the most powerful personalities that MUO cannot ignore. Crown her? We don’t mind. She deserves every single stone in the crown. And her pageant fans are gonna be there to support her.


Of all the Europeans this year, Miss Russia is the one to die for. She’s the only European that shouts placement. She’s in the top 16–that’s for sure! We’d be furious if she doesn’t make it. She’s a royal beauty. We love her and we’re supporting her all the way.


She’s one of the threats really! When she was crowned Miss Spain, we were more than delighted. She’s a major upgrade. We classify her as a Latina and so we say she’s leading the team along with Miss Colombia. She is destined to place…no doubt!


Oh! Such a very gorge Thai! Of all the reps from Thailand, this girl tops them all. Pimbongkod will be one of the Asians who will place and many of her fans are gonna scream comes MU finals night. She exudes elegance and she has finesse.


Nia is like Miss Philippines–willed and determined! A major contender for the crown, indeed! We’re more than thrilled to see Miss USA and Miss Philippines battle! Both girls are our favorites.


Honestly, our obsession to Migbellis is a roller-coaster! We loved her so much…then we hated her for being fat..and she came back and surprised us all. She’s the most-prepared candidate we suppose. If she’s not in top 16, then there’s something wrong with the panel.

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