Miss Universe 2014 Favorites: Close-Up Observations

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Miss Universe 2014 Favorites: Close-up Observations

This is the content of an email we got from a friend who’s also in Doral right now. He had countless opportunities to be with the candidates up-close and we asked him if we could post his observations here. Fortunately he gave us a nod. We thought this has already been posted in other pageant sites, but we assure you that this is legit. No words are ours, these are all his. Enjoy guys!


Photo Credit: Miss Universe

Photo Credit: Miss Universe

The contestants this year are very beautiful. Some people say it’s the weakest year but in my opinion it is the opposite. There are a lot of standouts and the Latinas again are dominant and very strong. VENEZUELA, COLOMBIA, GUYANA, ECUADOR, PANAMA, and COSTA RICA immediately caught my attention. VENEZUELA is very energetic, friendly, and always bubbly. I hope she continues to be like this even after the pageant as she is really fun to be around with. COLOMBIA is elegant. GUYANA is really pretty with a porcelain-like face. ECUADOR seems pageant ready as well as COSTA RICA–both who are very beautiful. I also like PANAMA’S smile.


Photo Credit: Miss Universe

For Europe, there’s no denying that it is between FRANCE and SPAIN. Both of these countries sent beautiful candidates this year. I wish FRANCE smiled more but I think with the recent activities happening in her country she looks a bit mellow/tired. SPAIN is like a Latina. Very polished and confident. Other notable Europeans I saw are POLAND, SWEDEN (really beautiful in person), NETHERLANDS (she looks Indian for some weird reason), and GERMANY (cute petite woman).
I really like UKRAINE, SLOVAK REPUBLIC, CZECH REPUBLIC, and SERBIA. Any of these former Russian countries are worthy of winning as well. Any one of them! They don’t say much but they smile and wave a lot and seem to be together.


Photo Credit: Miss Universe

Photo Credit: Miss Universe

The Asian countries – I like PHILIPPINES, JAPAN, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, KAZAKHSTAN, and INDIA. PHILIPPINES look better in person (and younger too). She has a magnetic personality and is very approachable. Her smile will melt your heart. She’s always surrounded with happy people. JAPAN is also a standout for me. She has that modern look. She reminds me of the one from 2006 (I forget her name but the one who came 1st RU). INDONESIA and MALAYSIA I get mixed up without their sash, but both are also nice looking. I saw one of them striking a pose in front of a fan or relative’s iPhone and I thought that was so cute. It was so Fadil-like it was funny. I heard KAZAKHSTAN is a doctor. If so, she sure is one beautiful doctor at that…if she is. INDIA is also beautiful. I hope she smiles more. It seem like she’s really thinking about this pageant seriously, which makes her very mysterious and interesting. I almost had the opportunity to take a picture with her but I didn’t as I don’t know if she would get mad or not.
(Side note: Btw, Kazakhstan is geographically considered Europe.)


Photo Credit: Miss Universe

The only contestants from Africa that I saw were, TANZANIA, GABON, and KENYA. I like GABON and TANZANIA (who is very charming).

I also didn’t see much of AUSTRALIA or NEW ZEALAND. Perhaps later this week.


Photo Credit: Miss Universe

For North America and the Carribean, I do like – obviously – the USA. She’s so beautiful and very reserved. I don’t know what she’s thinking about all this Miss Universe thing, but I’m sure she’s having fun. I think she’s just going with the flow. CANADA is spunky! She has a unique demeanor and style. Put a USA sash on her and she’d be a real standout. JAMAICA is also another unique contestant that stands out in the crowd because of her short hair. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is tall! She’s very intimidating as you know I’m short, but she does stand out. MEXICO is another beautiful contestant. She is also reserved like USA. She does have a lot of fans there, though.
I really don’t know who will win this year as it’s anyone’s game. I could see like 20 girls who could be wearing the coveted crown. I am amazed at the support these girls are getting and the camaraderie among the contestants and staff. They are indeed like movie stars.


This is just my opinion from my observation (to date), my TOP 5 right now are :

But I have one more week of observing and seeing the girls. Will keep you updated. Will email you soon.

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