Miss Universe 2014 Early Famous Favorites: A Fearless Top 5 Prediction (July 2014)

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Miss Universe 2014 Early Famous Favorites: A Fearless Top 5 Prediction (July 2014)

Ugh! Don’t let us tell you how enervating this has been to us! Too early to tell, too many girls to choose from, too many strands to pull, but hell yeah, we’ve got this handled. We had our teams from all around the globe to keep tabs on, raise the stakes, and size up the girls we had in our Top 16 list that we posted a while back, and surprisingly, we ended up narrowing it down to TOP 5! Swear, we were at each other’s throats finalizing the list…it wasn’t facile, honestly.

Now, how did we come up with this list considering that it’s gosh-darn early to predict? Well, we’ve got a long line to mention, but most of it were based on our insider scoops, online bru-ha-ha’s, war-zone pageant pages and sites, girls’ individual performances in national pageants, photoshoots, interviews, video clips, personal interactions, and a lot more….isn’t that long already? Lols.

Anyway, let’s have the drumroll, dim the lights (Ryan Seacrest version), and here’s our Miss Universe 2014 early famous favorites for top 5:

4th Runner-Up


Miss Universe 2014 Early Famous Favorites: A Fearless Top 5 Prediction (July 2014)

Photo courtesy: Cotabato Prov

She’s the oh-she-made-it-oh-no-she-didn’t-make-it kind of girl and we want to let you know that it’s a compliment. Her make-or-break vibe makes her pretty engrossing honestly. Just like Janine Tugonon, she puts us in a doubt first, then lures us for a second look and finally impresses us. Her body is a red-hot chili pepper! Her presence is impactful. She keeps improving. She keeps experimenting looks. She’s determined and we know she will never give up. She got Venus Raj’s strength of character and Janine Tugonon’s queenly aura. She’s the strongest in Asia so far, and she can indubitably give a good fight against the Latinas. We’re still not seeing the crown on her head as of this time being, but she’s one of the strongest girls that might clinch the crown.

3rd Runner-Up


Photo Courtesy: Missosology Forum

Her power kicks on stage, her peppy sashaying of hips, her vibrant personality, her sweet facial spots combined with her vicious look, her competitive spirit and of course her training are more than enough to have her in our top 5 list. She was not crowned out of tawdry competition in Venezuela. She’s fine-tuned and we know she still has a lot to offer in the coming months. She has it all, but we fairly think she can never get the crown. She doesn’t have it. She can be a death trap to other candidates, she can make a great show, she can be in the top 5, but she doesn’t have the queenly vibe. She reminds us of Irene, who in the face of all her mighty assets, didn’t have the pinprick of the crown, not even a single spark of it.

2nd Runner-Up


Photo courtesy: ZoeJoy XOXO

Quite bewildering because this girl does not walk like a pro on stage as far as beauty pageantry is concerned, but we cannot take our eyes off of her. We cannot strip her out of the Miss Universe 2014 early famous favorites list. She is devastatingly remarkable. Her over-all look always has our jaws dropped. You can even mistakenly recognize her as a Hollywood royalty. She is special. We do not like the way she walks, but we definitely are in love of her queenly look. She is devastating and a wrecking ball. She exudes perfection. Her facial angles are impressive and she is a head turner even by just looking at her stills. Just like what we mentioned, she gotta work on her catwalk skills and also styling. She may be pretty and outstanding, but without proper styling and preparation, she might be adding shame to what Ramos had already given last year.

1st Runner-Up


Photo courtesy: Missosology

Her eyes are sweltering, her facial structure is tailor-made beautiful, her cheekbones are incontestably sensational, her catwalk is flabbergast, her physique as a whole is stacked, and her aura is commanding. She’s one of the most cogent candidates this year. What we do not find impressive about this girl is that she does not appear to be the one…there’s something lacking about her. She gotta take a turn for the better. She lacks the personality that can shut the competition down. When you see her with other candidates, she shines through but does not last that long. Migbellis can definitely outshine her in terms of that area. But overall, she’s one of the best representatives of Costa Rica in years, and made it to our Miss Universe 2014 early famous favorites list.

Miss Universe 2014


Photo courtesy: Beauty Contests Blogspot

Not that we want to sound prophetic, but we unreservedly believe that this girl right here can pull things off and can bring the crown back to this powerhouse country. She’s just perfect! We know that many stunning ladies from the past editions of Miss Universe were left out and we’re actually afraid that Miss Colombia will be one of them, but these things did not stop us to have her in our top 5 as of this time being. Who doesn’t like this girl? She is just everything! Her very winsome smile, her remarkable performance on stage, her excellent catwalk, her great physique, her queenly aura..ugh..she’s really on top! Mind you, if she keeps her pace with the tough competition and stays wrangling with it, she can be the next Miss Universe.

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