Miss Universe 2014 Early Famous Candidates (2nd Prediction)

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Miss Universe 2014 Early Famous Candidates

(2nd Prediction)

We’re on our second stretch of getting through the road to this year’s Miss Universe battle, and we can say that the heat is really getting on our nerves; few stunners have been added in our list and we can’t wait for these queens to place comes MU finals. Unfortunately, we don’t have any confirmed venue of the pageant yet, but we’re getting some information that the countries worth considering to host this year are Puerto Rico, Brazil, Philippines, and USA. We honestly hope it’s Baton Rouge, USA because the recently-concluded Miss USA 2014 pageant was convivially successful. Las Vegas is way hackneyed; we want something unwilted. Or if it’s not Baton Rouge, we’d love to go Asian this year. Philippines hosted the pageant 20 years ago so we don’t find any reasons Philippines will say ‘no’ if given the chance. Okay, enough dreaming….let’s get down to our business. Here’s our Miss Universe 2014 early famous candidates for top 15 as of July 2014 (in random order):

Miss Universe 2014 Favorites (2nd Prediction)

Photo courtesy: News Revealer


Nia Sanchez
Having been in the pageant world for quite sometime gave her an edge over other girls in this year’s battle. Why do we get gaga over the thought? Because it’s where you see the fury and willpower of winning in a queen; something other girls literally don’t have. But her catwalk is pffttttt…nothing exciting. She’s droopy on stage. Yeah…she’s queenly, she’s strikingly impressive, but darn…she gotta beat the catwalk divas! She can be the next shameful Rima Fakih if she doesn’t improve. We weren’t a fan of Olivia’s back in 2012 but Nia’s is extremely lax. She gotta werk it out or else we’ll strip her out of this list….like seriously!

Photo Courtesy: Ana Andres Facebook Page


Ana Andres
Sultry look, perfectly-tanned skin, temptingly pouty lips, impressive jawline, super figure…ugh! This lady has had our jaws dropped many times. She is a complete package. We’ve been waiting for this major goddess to grace the Miss Universe stage since last year. Good thing she still gets the right to represent her country this year. Girl, you’re the one! If she performs well in the finals and if her personality shines through, then she really is the one we want to wear the crown.

Photo courtesy: DearPageantGirl


Tegan Martin
It seems like our list is mostly filled with pageant veterans. Tegan cracked Miss Universe Australia pageant three times and 2014 is finally her year! She gotta get it back this time…because last year Australia failed big time! She made it to the top last year in Miss Universe Australia, and honestly we thought she could make it since she aced it all through out. We’re glad she’s finally got it all right this time. We’re excited for this girl! She can pull things off…we’re positive!

Photo Courtesy: Missosology Forum


Migbellis Castellanos
The girl is so into the competition! She’s been bashed for being piggy these past few months but she always gets her feet right back up! She’s extremely a competition. Her personality is shining through. Inasmuch as we love this girl, we don’t want another Venezuelan to win the crown…like seriously!

Photo courtesy: Missosology


Karina Ramos
Oh she’s ridin’ the hot tamale train straight to the top! (Mary Murphy screaming) You can never ignore this Latina right here. She’s the kind of beauty we’ve seen over the past decades from Miss Universe winners—brunettes galore! You gotta be kidding us if you don’t have her in your Miss Universe 2014 early famous candidates lists! We hope she shines through. We don’t see that much in her personality, though. Keep the train goin’ and sweep the boards Karina!

Photo courtesy: ZoeJoy XOXO


Rolene Strauss
Don’t get us started with this girl. We don’t want to hype her that much but she really is a contender! She’s very likable and a perfect girl to complete Trump’s top 16. She’s very visible, and has been and different important events in South Africa doing her role. She’s very much celebrated. She’s gonna place! No doubt! Peeerrrriioooodd!


Yulia Alipova
You can never go wrong with this girl except her stage presence. She looked exquisitely gorgeous! She’s a death trap to other candidates! She’s a European princess! Those eyes are killin’ other girls in every step of the way. We just hope she never plays the nice sweet girl comes finals…or she’ll be left alone in the corner. We’re addicted to this kind of beauty, don’t you think?

Photo courtesy: Beauty Contests Blogspot


Paulina Vega
Quite honestly, if given the right and perfect training and preparation, we’re looking at the new Miss Universe. This girl has it all. She just gotta prepare and prepare and prepare. She’s really been one of our best bets this early so far. We know she will never disappoint us. Her name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? 

Photo courtesy: Beauty Pageant News


Andjelka Tomasevic
Another girl with a pageant experience and oozing presence! Many have said that she may end up as a clapper, but for us, after looking at all her performances, she can never be left out. This girl has both the character and experience. Not to mention how pretty she is facially! We’re seriously rooting for this lady, and she will never be a disappointment…that’s for sure!

Photo courtesy: Miss Mexico Blogspot


Josselyn Garciglia
She’s a Latina demigod! What a very striking feature for a queen! We were so relieved not seeing any inch of Cynthia Duque in her. She’s like a breed of Ximena Navarette and Alyssa Campanella rolled into one. Her brow bones are edgy. Her facial contour is just perfect. Her physique just needs a little bit of toning, though; it looks too girly and that doesn’t seem to look right for a Miss Universe caliber. She needs to get the catwalk skills of Estefania Rivera (her co-candidate in NBM 2013), which means she needs to improve in that area. Lupita Jones did pick the right person for her country. If she gives a little bit of push in her performance, well, it’s a payback time for Mexico!

Photo courtesy: Dukung Puteri Indonesia


Elvira Devinamira
We didn’t have her in our first Miss Universe 2014 early famous candidates, but she’s damn making her way to the top to be honest. Her exposures to different important functions in New York with the Miss Universe Organization and her approval rating from pageant fans and enthusiasts around the globe made us consider her to be here. She made it to our list, but we’re still having second thoughts about this girl. We want her to transform…like a major transformation. Honestly, she’s not pretty, but she’s ON FIRE! She’s determined to win and she’s a DOER.


Laurien Angelista
Oh my effin’ God! This black barbie skyrocketed in Miss Universe 2014 early famous candidates list like a late-night bullet after she was crowned! She’s the frontrunner from the black dolls this year. There’s so much about this girl that we really love. Her facial features are stunningly striking and she has so much potential. She really needs to tone her body, and explore more on her styling.  She can be the next Leila Lopes. She’s giving us an Olivia Pope vibe, and we’re liking it! 


Gabriela Berrios
Gabriela isn’t a newbie in beauty pageantry anymore…she obviously is a veteran, which basically means she has an edge over the other candidates from other countries. She speaks CONFIDENCE. She’s a dead-ringer, hot brunette! Those eyes of hers are to die for. She’s this year’s femme fatale thus far. Her body is toned and damn right leggy-sexy! We just hope she doesn’t sport a crimped hairdo that bitchy Monic Peréz did last year. She’s not gonna make it if she does. We mean she got the pretty, give-tit-for-tat, arresting look but if she doesn’t pull a bewitching styling and stuff, she’ll definitely lose her chances.

Photo courtesy: T-Pageant


Pimbongkod Chankaew
We didn’t like about what happened to the crowned Miss Universe Thailand, but we are somehow delighted that she was replaced by this girl. Honestly, this Thai beauty is way better than Weluree. She has the presence that we have not seen from the past Thai girls who graced the MU stage. She exudes strong personality and she’s statuesque. We are not just pretty sure of her typical Thai beauty..she’s too Asian. We know that the Thai pageant community is in full support with this girl, and we hope it will be paid off. We believe in this girl. We really do!

Photo courtesy: Cotabato Prov


Mary Jean Lastimosa

From the day that she had been crowned up until then, she has kept wowing us. She never failed to impress us. She might be the most-traveled queen from this Asian powerhouse country. What we like about this Filipina is that she’s always on fire. She’s starting to know her elements and she’s hot as hell! Damn those curves! We don’t mind having another Filipina in the top 5 this year honestly!

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