Miss Universe 2014 Candidates: Do Unplaced Crossovers Have Chances?

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Miss Universe 2014 Candidates: Do Unplaced Crossovers Have Chances?

It’s completely few and far between to happen that an unplaced candidate in other three major international pageants (Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth) by and by wins or places (to say the least) in Miss Universe. For the past ten years, only seven lucky girls have made it to the finals in Miss Universe even if they went wide of their chances in the other three big pageants.

This year, who among the unplaced crossovers will make it to this hurdle? Will any of them make a name for oneself or will they end up bungling again? Don’t get us wrong, though. This isn’t bashing or whatever dissenting term there is. This is just addressing what seems like a patterned jinx that has been there for years. Let’s take a look at each of them and try to evaluate their chances, shall we?


Miss World 2014: Austria – Julia Furdea

What fell flat with this girl in Miss World was not her looks (because she definitely has the best faces in Miss Universe this year), but her personality. She got one of the prettiest faces in Miss World but she was head and shoulders above the other girls. She was outshone and left unnoticed—she lacked the presence. We’re definitely rooting for this girl to place in MU because a facial beauty like her must not be ignored; however, if she continues to exhibit the same diffidence, we’re afraid she’ll clap…again.
Rate of chances: 8/10

Miss World 2014: Belgium – Anissa Blondin

Such a charming lady..but we’re sorry to tell that her physical beauty does not fit Miss Universe’s. She could probably pull off a surprise——and the only way for her to do that is to use her sweet and charming allure to appeal to the pageant fans and judges. That’s her armor. She gotta work double time because the beasts are gonna eat her alive.
Rate of chances: 4/10

Miss World 2014: Georgia – Ana Zubashvili

She has pretty face, has a beguiling presence and looks like a Greek Demigod, but presents herself like a little girl. She has the it-girl poise and appears to be playful and childish. She gotta work on that. She needs sophistication. She’s a European princess, but she’s forgettable.
Rate of chances: 6/10

Miss World 2014: Lebanon – Saly Greige

We don’t understand how this girl looked dreadful during the Miss World finals. We even had her in our recent prediction list because of her distinctive Mediterranean belle but after her Miss World stint, she probably is gonna be out too. She has to have a better styling and a more arresting presence because her facial beauty can not be ignored. She lacks the experience and she needs to expose herself more on building her self-esteem and personality as a whole.
Rate of chances: 5/10


Miss Earth 2011: Guatemala – Ana Luisa Montufar

The transformation this girl has had since she participated in Miss Earth has been A1. She could have secured herself a spot in ME if she looked exactly like now.  If she performs inordinately comes Miss Universe, she’ll make it. She’s one Latina to watch out for. Her catwalk needs to step up a notch though and she needs an upscale styling.
Rate of chances: 7/10

2013: Sweden – Camilla Hansson

The only thing about this girl is that she does not stop working her butt off. She’s in for the competition. We know she’s been doing her homework and she honestly is at the right path.  Facially, she got nothing special but her character is commendable. Enough of the teeny-booper Camilla. We’d love to see this girl in the semi-finals because she has the right convictions towards making it far-reaching in MU.
Rate of chances: 7/10


Miss International 2011: Portugal: Patrícia Da Silva

Sorry girl, but NEXT! We definitely can see her clap. There’s nothing special about this girl to be honest. We’re not a fan.
Rate of chances: 3/10

Miss International 2014: Gabon: Maggaly Nguema

Ebonies in Miss Universe 2014 are quite impressive, and Maggaly is one of them who can’t be given the brush-off. She’s pretty..that’s indubitable. But we’re afraid she’s not gonna make it. There’s more to choose from. We know it’s a little bit harsh but we just want her to set her expectations straight. Nonetheless, an imposing performance of her in MU might change our impression on her. That’s the only card left for her to ace the competition.
Rate of chances: 3/10


For the past ten years, there have been seven lucky ladies who made the grade in Miss Universe despite their nonfulfillment in other three major beauty pageants. Kudos to these glamazons!

Elizabeth Golovanova – Russia
Unplaced in Miss World 2012, Top 10 in Miss Universe 2012

Jessica Scheel – Guatemala
Unplaced in Miss Earth 2007, Top 10 in Miss Universe 2010

Cilou Annys – Belgium
Unplaced in Miss World Miss World 2010, Top 15 in Miss Universe 2010

Zeynep Sever – Belgium
Unplaced in Miss World 2009, Top 15 in Miss Universe 2009

Lauriane Gilliéron – Switzerland
Unplaced in Miss World 2005, 2nd Runner Up in Miss Universe 2006

Helene Tråsavik – Norway
Unplaced in Miss World 2005, Top 15 in Miss Universe 2005

Fiona Hefti – Switzerland
Unplaced in Miss World 2004, Top 10 in Miss Universe 2005

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