Miss Universe 2013 Top 5 Prediction

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We really have a lot of frontrunners this year and it took us so long to break off our list down to five. It was pretty tough and we irrefutably discern how back-breaking and wearisome it will be for the judges to sift out the right girls to advance to the top 5. It’s a prediction, so it’s really not as well-founded as the judges’ own tastes and discernment. Our preferences are just based solely on how we viewed the candidates through their daily activities and on how well they have been performing in Moscow. We strongly believe that these are the five girls who will be left competing to vie for the Diamond Nexus crown.

MISS USA – ERIN BRADY in her official glamshot photographed by Fadil Berisha. Photo credit goes to Miss Universe Official Website.


She can be considered as one of the dark horses. Many might have foretold her to win it all, but it’s not the case in many pageant sites. Many forumers and pageant experts have already taken her off their lists. She was out in most of the activities and she eventually came out as one of the make-it-or-break-it girls. She’s inconsistent. But her aesthetics, which is undeniably one of the most prepossessing, make her well worth (to say the very least). Based on how she performed in the prelims, she’s in for the top 5. We even chose her as one of the best candidates in long gown because no one registered well on stage like the way she did. Aside from that, we’re holding on a historical pattern of USA’s performance right after an American gets the crown, and we are more than convinced that she will follow the streak. Good luck Miss USA!

MISS PUERTO RICO – MONIC PEREZ in her official glamshot photographed by Fadil Berisha. Photo credit goes to Miss Universe Official Website.


Love her or not, there’s only one thing that is unvarnished about this girl—COMPETITIVE! She is very well-prepared and primed. She knows how to steal a scene. She registered well in the preliminary competition (but not better than USA); it was like she almost owned the night. She’s always invited in most sponsorial events just like Miss Philippines and Miss Spain. She’s the talk of the town. She ran rings around other frontrunners. She never botched us as her pageant fans. She also has the sash factor; she comes from a powerhouse country and she is without a doubt, a force to reckon. If there’s one candidate that beyond the shadow of the doubt deserves to be in top 5, it is Monic Perez of Puerto Rico.

MISS SPAIN – PATRICIA RODRIGUEZ in her official glamshot photographed by Fadil Berisha. Photo credit goes to Miss Universe Official Website.


Consistency is what we always associate with this stunning Spanish lass; from her candid shots to her glamshots, we’ve never seen a single photo of her where she looked dreadful. She had a great presence on stage during the preliminary competition, paraded a remarkable performance in the Tony Ward Fashion Show and other activities, got a nice wardrobe, and registered very well in all her videos and photos. She may not have a very strong sash factor, but her stance is so good enough to be here in the top 5. She worked hard for this, and we know that it will be paid off comes finals.

MISS UKRAINE – OLGA STOROZHENKO in her official glamshot photographed by Fadil Berisha. Photo credit goes to Miss Universe Official Website.


Talking about sweet-teenie look, Miss Ukraine is the sash that goes with it. Her gorgeousness is impressively noticeable. Though she lacks a striking personality, her inclusion to nearly all special events can never be ignored. She and Miss Poland were in such a close fight to be in this top-5 spot, but we chose her over Miss Poland because we believe that she exudes a more powerful presence than Miss Poland. One thing that makes her more admirable is that she’s not a show-off; it’s the same thing we saw in Olesya Stefanko and Anna Poslavskaya–mysterious and reserved, but possesses a stare of a lifetime.

MISS PHILIPPINES – ARIELLA ARIDA in her official glamshot photographed by Fadil Berisha. Photo credit goes to Miss Universe Official Website.


Her invitations to special sponsorial events are left and right. She was everywhere. She’s very visible in almost all activities. She’s controversial, she’s one of the most-talked about candidates, she’s a frontrunner, and a real standout. She did an outstanding performance in the preliminary competition and aced every single battle in Moscow. She deserves every single right to be in the top list. She will be there like Janine, Shamcey, and Venus. In any way possible, we wish she could ace the Q&A and shine through!

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