Miss Universe 2013 Gossips and Rumors

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We’ve been waiting for the gossips and rumors circulating around in this year’s Miss Universe pageant and finally we found our angel. We highly appreciate Paola de Bracho 2.0 of Missosology for these inside stories and also to David (the hotel guy) for sharing. So here are the rumors we’ve got since candidates’ arrivals:


This Is From Paola :
Boys, Gays and Girls.. Im really sorry Im enjoying Moscow too much . I don’t have time for missosology, but I’ll try my best to give you scoops and tell you some rumors tonight. I have a lot!

This time.. I just wanna share to you the mystery and how they (MUO) are choosing the Trump Six..

I spoke to one of the staff of MUO. I think her name is Dorothy; I really forgot. I was drunk last night! LOL. I met her in the dining area of the hotel and she sat with us on the table coz’ most of the girls were eating in the lobby for dinner. So I had the chance to ask her some questions. Here’s how they choose the Trump Six:
First, they choose the Trump Six before the preliminary competition. It’s not all about beauty or sex appeal or catwalk or whatsoever. It’s really all about politics…YES! That’s what she told me—politics, noise, issues, scandals, business, partnerships and lastly.. TRUMP TASTE AND LIBIDO! Seriously!
Then, I asked her. “What if the Trump Six does so well in the preliminary competition and got high scores? What will happen?

Answer: Donald will not eliminate them in the Trump Six list. They’re still the Trump Six no matter what happens in the preliminary competition, and MUO will not choose another girl just to replace the list. So the other girls, aside from the Trump Six, who did well in the preliminary, will be in the top 16. Thus, the 8 girls with highest scores in the preliminary together with the one with most number of votes will be in the semifinals with the Trump Six.

This year, the Trump Six might be:

Paola’s observation during the auction night outside the hall. This is what is being said, and we quote:

1. Malaysia is really the best! God! I swear to you guys! She is so pretty in person. Malaysia will make it this time! Mark my words!

2. Miss Puerto Rico Monic Perez approached me for the first time! I shouted “Monic!” (turn into plastic mode) “Hi!” And then she waved her hand and gave me a flying kiss. (eewwww…if onl she knew that I am also a bitch). However, Monic is my favorite last night. God! She’s really tall and “kabogera”! I love her dress and her looks; so Oscar! I love her fighting spirit, but sometimes, it’s getting annoyingly exaggerated.

3. I spoke with Ara of the Philippines for the first time. It was just a minute of conversation, and I was so surprised! She knows me! I asked Miss Philippines if she’s browsing missosology and she said “yes”.

4. Miss Poland, in my observation, is getting flirtier. She’s not the sweet girl as I thought.

5. I am rooting for Miss Paraguay from the Latin American group. Believe me guys! She is a living barbie, and she is so natural. She’s not pretending and acting like a bitch (like Miss Puerto Rico).

6. I am loving Miss Indonesia’s husky voice.

7. I saw Paula Shugart talking to a group of girls before they went inside the hall, including Miss Philippines, Miss Indonesia, Miss Canada, Miss Dominican Republic, and Miss Czech Republic.

8. Filipino fans inside the hall screamed and shouted when Ara arrived in the hall.

Now, David’s inside the hall…

1. Miss Thailand is getting out of place now. I know you guys always see her in photos with Asians, but this is not the real situation. She’s sitting with them but nobody wants to talk to her. Her best friend is only her phone and Miss Myanmar.

2. Miss Poland and Miss Russia are big favorites in the auction event.

3. The organizers of the event played some clips of Miss Universe 2013.

4. One Russian guy had his speech in the hall using Russian language. David (the hotel boy) heard the names of Miss Ukraine, Miss Russia, Miss Poland, and Miss Brazil in his speech.

5. David told me that there’s really something wrong with Miss USA. She seems so lame and sick. Her face looks irritated most of the time.

6. Miss Puerto Rico arrived so late in the event! Such an attention seeker!

7. Miss Vietnam is one of the press favorites.

8. Miss Tanzania is so friendly and gorgeous. This black girl might place in my own opinion.

9. The auction night is one of the best events so far. A lot of the girls seemed so happy.

10. And lastly for now, David won’t mention these countries, but he heard a conversation from these two ladies. They said:
G1: “Nobody wants us to win even if we do our best.”
G2: “How can you say that?”
G1: “Our country is planning that if I will not make it this time, we will stop sending delegates from next year to 2016.”


1. UNKNOWN CONTESTANT: She said.. “I dont belong here”

2. UNKNOWN ROOM: One hunk model (unknown nationality) went inside the room of one of the delegates from Europe while the Tony Ward Fashion Show was on going. A room boy saw this guy in the room of the lady from Europe and said that this man stayed there for 45 minutes. This room boy reported this news to his supervisor because MUO never allowed any guests to go inside the rooms of the delegates. This European delegate told the staff that the guy was only her friend.

3. Miss Ukraine made a big headline after the glam photos were released.

4. Miss China requested the staff to change her head shot photo (after it was published) as requested by her national org.

5. Miss Kazakhstan and Miss Indonesia are the one who always take the group photos of the contestants as per the request of the other
contestants too.

6. Miss Malaysia is so sweet. She always talks to Miss British Virgin Islands in some events coz she’s feeling that Miss BVI is getting out of place in the pageant.

7. Miss Canada told to the Asian delegates, “I am a Filipino, but I’m here for my country and that’s Canada.“

8. The misunderstanding between Miss USA, Miss Australia and Miss Puerto Rico is getting worse.

9. Good to know that Miss Philippines is now comfortable to mingle with some other delegates from Europe after the fashion show.

10. David (the hotel boy) saw Miss Philippines talking with somebody on the phone for 45 minutes and seemed so happy.

11. Miss Mexico told to one of the candidates that she’s not getting any supports from her local organization.

12. David told me that Miss Croatia is acting really like a child; the way she talks and her mannerisms..So the rumors are true!

13. One national costume of one of the delegates arrived via DHL and all the contestants were surprised with the costume. Miss USA said, “Great details. Sure winner.”

14. David saw Miss Venezuela having skype with Osmel.

15. One Drama: Miss Dominican Republic arrived late in the dinner event. She kissed all the Latina girls in the group, except Miss Puerto Rico.

16. Miss Dominican Republic was sent in a clinic after her fall.

17. David spoke to one discreet gay stylist of CHI. He told David that he wanna see Miss Poland, Miss USA, Miss Turkey, Miss Indonesia, Miss Jamaica, Miss Korea and Miss Philippines in the finals.

18. 3 delegates are in the eye of MUO to be their next Trump Model. David heard Miss Ukraine, Miss Romania and Miss Paraguay.

19. One European delegate (again) escaped from one of the event just to see her boyfriend outside the place of the event.

20. 5 delegates (“Not Confirmed”) will visit the local news of Russian TV for interview, and they are Miss Germany, Miss USA, Miss Philippines, Miss Russia and Miss France.

21. The preliminary interview might be held before the preliminary show.


I spoke with David this morning and I asked him again about some gossips and rumors during the event. He attended the said event with my friend Katy-A half-Filipino and half-British studying in Pushkin Institute in Moscow..

If you guys are thinking that im having a hallucinations.. Well stop reading this and get a life! Im not forcing you to believe me! Im not a story teller. I’m just a simple chismoso!

David found out that I’m posting some scoops here in Missosology so he’s trying to avoid giving some names of the countries! LOL. Well, I don’t mind coz I’m traveling in Moscow after 2 days and I will give you all the names! BELIEVE ME! 😀

Let’s talk about the Tony Ward Fashion Show

1. Unknown country: This girl approached some of the girls who joined the Tony Ward fashion show and asked them why she didn’t make it to the show. She told to some of the girls and staff that she’s a model in their country and she is qualified for that show. She embraced one of her friend and cried.

2. A lot of people who watched the show were from Russia, of course.. Italian and British people.

3. One of the famous Italian designers who was present in the show went back stage and approached the 3 girls from the Philippines, Spain and Poland. David doesn’t have any idea what the conversation was all about.

4. Tony said to the press that he’s very impressed with the ladies who joined the show and he said that the winner should be one of these girls. He’s rooting for Miss Poland, though.

5. One of the catwalk trainers from Miss Russia told to one of the staffs that all of the girls did great, but only few of them did the right thing in the runway. She told this guy that Miss Venezuela and Miss Puerto Rico were so pretty but their performances were not for the runway. It’s so pageant patty performance. The ones who did great for her were Miss Poland, Miss Spain, Miss Jamaica and Miss Philippines.

6. Latinas have finally accepted and forgiven Ara. David saw these Latinas doing a group hug with Philippines right after the show.

7. A lot of Russians were disappointed with the performance of their representative, and they’re blaming Tony for not allowing their girl to wear a good dress for the show!

8. Some of the audience reacted when they saw the sashes of the girls at the end of the Tony Ward show. They’re not aware that these girls are the contestants of Miss Universe…and they asked, “What is Miss Universe?” LOL

9. David told me that in his opinion, Romania might pull a big surprise.

Now, it’s time for the cheapest Yamamay fashion show…

1. The show started so late and ended so early! Believe it or not.. only few Russians watched the show. Only photographers and media were present. What a boring show!

2. One contestant laughed so hard when Dominican Republic fell down on stage.

3. Brazil is the press favorite in the show.

4. One girl declined to joined the show even she’s invited to ramp in her swimsuit…hmmm…

5. Miss USA and Miss Puerto Rico seemed so serious with their misunderstanding. Even Miss Australia is not approaching Miss PR now.

6. One of the Latinas told to one Asian that Miss USA is a sore loser. She must not take this competition seriously. (But I still love Erin.)

7. One of the hotel staff told to David that Miss USA is starting to show her real color. Miss Poland, Miss Israel and Miss Ukraine, too.

8. Miss Dominican Republic received an applause from the contestants backstage after her fall. Miss Brazil embraced her after the incident and the people and staff told her that it was a very professional act!

SOURCE: Global Pageant Express

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