Miss Universe 2013 Candidates Withdraw

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Miss Universe 2013 Candidates Withdraw

As different countries started to choose their girls for this year’s battle of beauties, I am so thrilled to see the number of participating queens increasing and increasing. Some are debuts, and others came back. It was a great news, not until a number of them withdrew from the competition and others didn’t have any national contests at all. So, the great news became a bad one. Let’s take a look at who among them are out of the competition.

Fioralba Dizdari – MISS ALBANIA (Photo lifted from: Fioralba Dizdari’s Twitter Account. Credit goes to the owner of the photo.)


Fioralba Dizdari withdrew due to Kosovo not being able to compete. We all know that Fadil Berisha, the official photographer of Miss Universe, is the national director for both Albania and Kosovo, and as a safety precaution he chose to not have Dizdari participate. I kinda understood the whole thing except for the fact that these two countries are somewhat considered powerhouses. Year after year, they send goddesses: Angela Martini (Albania), Hasna Xhukiçi (Albania), Gona Dragusha(Kosovo), and Afërdita Dreshaj (Kosovo) to name a few.

Mirjeta Shala – MISS KOSOVO (Photo Courtesy: Fidan Mehmeti Photography. Credit goes to the owner of the photo.)


Mirjeta Shala withdrew, or shall I say was advised to do so by Fadil, due to political reasons. Kosovo is not recognized as an independent country in Russia, and thus Shala is not able to enter the country. Too bad for Kosovo. Just like I said, it’s a powerhouse country along with Albania.

Paulina Malulu – MISS NAMIBIA (Photo lifted from: Paulina Malulu’s Official Facebook Page. Credit goes to the rightful owner of the photo.)


Paulina Malulu withdrew due to the fact that the Miss Namibia organization could not finance her participation. This part is the most tragic if I put it into words. How can MNO hold a contest when they know that they are financially incapacitated to send the winner to Miss Universe? Too frustrating! Really frustrating!

Nikoleta Jovanović – MISS MONTENEGRO (Photo lifted from: Nikoleta’s Official Website. Credit goes to the owner of the photo.)


Nikoleta Jovanović withdrew as she did not meet the minimum age requirements….or if I have it in my own words, disqualified. How did the national org overlook into that? How can they let it happen? A wasted beauty, indeed!



The date for Star Cyprus conflicts with Miss Universe, which is considerable since schedules are in conflict.


No contests held


The national competition was rescheduled for next year. I just don’t get it when a country like Ireland, the country where Rozanna Purcell came from, failed to participate this year. I wish I could see another Irish goddess in MU stage next year.

Rozanna Purcell of Ireland during the Miss Universe 2013 Swimsuit Photoshoot. She made it to top 10 and thus far the prettiest Irish goddess gracing the MU stage. [Photo courtesy: Fadil Berisha (Miss Universe). Credit goes to the righful owner owner of the photo.]

Miss Uruguay Micaela Orsi. Credit goes to the owner of this photo.


Another major disappointment! Why are these organizations so confident to pick up a girl and not support them? Mediocre!

I hope this list is over, I don’t want to see more ladies to go. This is Miss Universe, the most prestigious international beauty pageant and I don’t understand why national organizations are having trouble participating. So far, 86 delegates have been chosen to participate in this year’s pageant on November 9, 2013 in Moscow, Russia. Ugh! I am soooo thrilled!

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