Melita Fabečić is This Year’s Femme Fatale from Croatia

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Miss Croatia (Miss Universe Hrvatske)for 2013 Miss Universe Pageant
Age: 19 years old
Height: 1.78 m (5 ft. 10 in)

Pageant forumers said:

“Ha! New clapper to the list.” -The Glamorous, USA

“Gorgeous girl! She is one of the frontrunners so far along with Bolivia, Colombia, France, Poland, South Africa and Puerto Rico.” –Rick

“This bitch is fierce!” -tresure, Aland Islands

“Melita is totally gorgeous! I love her! For now she’s a Top 16 material in my list. I still need to see more from her, though.” –Sky Wind, Indonesia

“Upgrade from last year’s bird.” –MarkIB, USA

“Adriana Lima!” -dilipindian

“She can be mistaken as a Latina, a bit of African, a twist of South Asian or a South East Asian woman (Filipina, Malaysian, or Indonesian).” –derven.derven, Oman

“ohoohh no que error tan grande, indiscutiblemente debió ser Antea Valenta, todavía están a tiempo, además por su edad es una inexperta de marca…………que error tan grande upsssssssssssssss” –Xavier Xsely

“I don’t know. Right now, the frontrunners are still the frontrunners. I would give Melita a Top 10 placement right now at the most.” –MarkJacobs, Brazil

“Thank God she won! I totally love her! In other pics, she looks like Selena Gomez.” –Mr. Gesso, Saudi Arabia

“With the right assessment, this girl could go far. Her gorgeous bone structure added to her height is a ‘plus’.” –PaulPaul

“LOVE! A new favorite. Upgrade from last year’s overrated Oprah hair bitch!” –MissUniverseFan1987, Colombia

“Her face has a character, like the first runner up from Ecuador. It’s not an ordinarily beautiful face.” – emerald282

“Nice cheekbones! She reminds me of Miss Universe first runner up 2012 (Janine Tugonon).” –frederick, Philippines

“She’s easily the most beautiful contestant chosen so far for Miss Universe! Stunning!’ –Augusto

“The competition begins frankly! Go Croatia! I hope she will show energy, sweetness and fierceness during Miss U. This girl is on my top 10 or top 5 yet. She looks like a mixed girl from Caribbean.” –caribicha, Martinique

“Croatia really knows how to choose. Last year, they had the most beautiful girl in MU, and this year they are sending a Femme fatale. She is almost flawless. She will place high for sure in MU.” –darkvindak, Serbia

“Stunning! The best so far along with France and Venezuela.” –Melinda Forbes

“She is very beautiful and sexy! I love her! Croatia has big chances to place in top 16 again or even better.” –raquel93, Brazil

“I beg to differ…She’s beautiful but I like Elizabeta Burg better!!!!” –bloomfield, Philippines

“Very beautiful face, but too ordinary body. Sorry…” –DIM

“What a beautiful lass! I am so happy for her. I am looking at one of my favorites for the crown. Go Croatia!” –Mario, Brazil

“Very beautiful..She’s a would-be Miss Universe winner…Watch out…” –Junjun

“Gosh, I did not predict this girl. But yes, she is yummy!” –Eddie, New York

“She’s exotic-looking, not the typical European. Oh, I’m gonna miss Elizabeta Burg.” –Stephay, Philippines


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