Mary Jean Lastimosa Will Place…No Doubt!

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Miss Philippines for Miss Universe 2014

Photo credit: OPMB Worldwide

Who is this new Miss Philippines Universe?
Mary Jean Lastimosa is a 26-year old computer engineering graduate and an entrepreneur who isn’t new to the pageant world. She stands 5 ft. and 7 inches tall and a native of North Cotabato, Philippines. She represented her country at the Miss ASEAN 2012 in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand and placed as Top 10 along with Marie Ann Umali. She has won various provincial beauty pageants before she joined the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. She was Mutya ng Dabaw 2008, Reyna ng Aliwan 2008, and Mutya ng UM (University of Mindanao) 2008. She won the second runner-up title in the Binibining Pilipinas 2011 pageant with Shamcey Supsup (Miss Universe 2011 3rd Runner-Up) as the winner. She tried her luck in the Binibining Pilipinas 2012, but ended as a top 12 semifinalist with Janine Tugunon (Miss Universe 2012 First Runner-Up) emerged victorious. Fortunately, she clinched the top spot this year as her final attempt. She will represent her country at Miss Universe 2014 later this year in Brazil.

Photo credit: Missosology

What’s our say about her?
She was one of our favorites in Binibining Pilipinas 2011 and 2012. And she failed us. Now, she’s back, which jumped us out of our feet. With all her failings, she stood up and persistently fought for what she had wanted. Body wise, she has it. Personality wise, she has it too. What she doesn’t have is the universal beauty-queen glow. She’s not that uber pretty honestly, and she lacks the presence that shuts people in a room. That’s where she has to work on, and it’s a total package. The glow must come from within, and we believe that it’s gonna be a piece of cake for her considering her relentless persistence and the battle she had gone through before she got the crown. We call it an intrinsic motivation. She can have all the transformations that she needs, but if she’s not determined to make it through it all, she definitely won’t win. Another thing is her communication skills, which we thought is also a part of having the beauty-queen glow. She needs to stand out, but as early as now, we are CERTAIN that she will place…no doubt about it.

Photo credit: Binibining Pilipinas

What do pageant fans say about her?
“My bets didn’t win, but I know the judges knew better. So still, congratulations to our new queens!” –k_west, Saudi Arabia

“I am sure there’s something about MJ that impressed the judges. Let us see how MJ transforms for the better…she is a veteran and has a lot of experience on hand.” -wingsofnightingale, Manila

“Pia was robbed to death. The winner is not internationally appealing.” –MariaAndreina, Ecuador

“MJ is a refreshing treat from last 2 years disappointments! I’m gonna support a Filipina after Venus and Shamcey.” – beautyhunter, India

Photo credit: Binibining Pilipinas

“With her height, I am just wondering how MJ can stand standing beside Latinas.” –LadyShine, Philippines

“She is the definition of ugly! I don’t mind Philippines not making it into the top 15 this year.” –today4u, USA

“Her body is far better than tranny Ara. I’m not just sure with her height. Ohhhh what happened to Pia?” –laurasintia, Spain

“I’m quite disappointed because MJ wasn’t really my type. Not to mention Pia’s crown snub and Yvette only being Supranational (but at least she isn’t Tourism). I’m not getting my hopes up anymore for this year, but I know that MJ has worked hard for this. And in all fairness, she did great tonight. Still I didn’t expect her to win the top-most plum. Maybe in a few months’ time, I might grow to like her. But for now, still reeling in shock. Congratulations though to Mary Jean Lastimosa, our new Miss Universe-Philippines 2014, for your unending hard work and determination to win the crown. I’m also glad that most of my Top 5 (Yvette, Kris, Bianca) won their respective crowns. Congratulations to my favorite Yvette Santiago for winning Miss Supranational-Philippines!!! No doubt you’d give the Miss Supranational 2014 contestants a run for their money!” –BlueQueen, Philippines

“I think MJ has the best body among Philippines’ 4-peat queens. That’s definitely her biggest asset! She can wear any patina’s sash in anytime with that body! My suggestion for her is that she needs to control her smile. She must not exaggerate her smile. Do not go for pageant patty style, MJ! I don’t know but she’s giving me a Gabriela Isler vibe! Maybe their smile.” –Colonel Sander, Puerto Rico

Photo credit: OPMB Worldwide

“MJ will be the best representative of the Philippines; she can probably win the MU title. Let’s just see. She just won hours ago so let’s give her a chance to improve on some things like her hair, make up, and styling. About her teeth, I think she already fixed it. Let us be happy and support her. All Phil rep to MU suffered below the belt bashing but they all proved them wrong.” –Blake, Philippines

“Just woke up and checked this website to see who won. And boy am I gobsmacked. I value persistence and hardwork which MJ is a good epitome of, but wow, MJ as MUP? She definitely had her cake and ate it big time too. I am not a fan as yet. I probably will never be. But I hope everything bodes well for her. On a side note, dafuq happened to Pia?!?! Not even a tourism crown? Not even a RU?” –Jake Horan, New Zealand

Credit: Missosology Forum

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