Mary Jean Lastimosa, Miss Philippines 2014 Gifted Herself A Great Experience

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Mary Jean Lastimosa, Miss Philippines 2014 Gifted Herself A Great Experience

Mary Jean Lastimosa, Miss Philippines 2014 took a pose during the kickoff of the pageant activities. (Photo courtesy of Miss Universe)

One thing we felt upon watching Mary Jean Lastimosa’s interview in a Philippine talk show was that we’re bowled over by her confidence and optimism, and we wished she placed higher because she indubitably has what it takes to come in first. Had she worn a knockout dress in the evening gown competition, then she could have snatched a place in the top 5. But enough for that we guess, we thought every thing happened for such reasons. Anyway, here’s an excerpt of her recent interview:

Why do you think was Miss Jamaica a crowd favorite?
Many people in the venue were supporters of Mexico, Venezuela and Philippines. So when their bets didn’t make it in the top 5, the people started cheering for Miss Jamaica, which she really deserved because she’s very stunning. She has a very different look. She told me she’s been modeling in South Africa for 5 years with her pixie-cut hair.

How did you achieve a perfect physique?
I think I am blessed with Arabian-Filipina genes, and I always have a healthy diet. I keep my workout and I eat right on time. I also lessened eating sweets, and my trainer has always kept track on my progress.

Mary Jean Lastimosa in her Yamamay swimsuit during the preliminary competition. (Photo courtesy of Missosology)

Were you upset for not making it in the top 5?
I was really sad. During the announcement towards the end, I told myself that something was wrong because the girls I considered my competition like Spain weren’t called yet. I was hoping and praying that I’d be called. I thought there really was something wrong, but back in my mind I realized that maybe judges’ impressions and judgments weren’t the same with my own personal evaluation or judgment on the girls placing the top 5. So after the top 5 announcement, I felt sad and I said, “So this is the end.” I felt sad because I knew I really fought to win the crown and I was there to represent my country to the best of my abilities.
What score do you think Manny Pacquaio gave you? Do you think he favored you over the others and gave you higher score?
I don’t think he favored me. He’s fair in his judgment and I guess he just gave me the score I deserved based on how I presented myself on stage.

What is your future plan?
I think I’m gonna continue the “Food For the Poor” charity program that we once did during the Miss Universe pageant. The president of the organization told me that they have recently opened an office here in the Philippines so I told them that I’d be very willing to lend a hand. I also am interested in getting into Philippines show business. I wanna give my family a good life. I want to do something for my family this time around.

Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa in her evening gown during the preliminary competition. (Photo courtesy of Missosology)

What lesson can you tell to the other girls joining the Miss Philippines pageant?
My Miss Universe experience was great because I spent time and effort to build friendship with the other candidates. I didn’t settle on one group alone. I went with different girls from different countries. So win or loose, I knew I gifted myself great friendship and amazing experience. And that’s something they have to do. I wanted myself to be present so that even if I didn’t succeed, at least I had all these things to treasure. Some candidates even said that I always wear a smile even if I’m tired, and I told them that Filipinos are naturally happy. Despite difficulties we always have the attitude to stay positive and smile.”

Here’s a video of the interview:

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