Gabriela Berrios Can Make Things Happen

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Miss Puerto Rico for Miss Universe 2014

Photo credit: Missosology

Who is this new Miss Puerto Rico?
Gabriela was born in November 30, 1990, raised in Carolina, and later on moved to Florida after her parents’ divorce. She is currently studying at Kaplan University in Orlando, Florida majoring in Business Administration and Production. She is also a part-time model and represented her country in Miss Supranational 2012 in Warsaw, Poland and placed in the top 10. She joined Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2012 where she placed 2nd Runner-Up and won Most Beautiful Face Award. When she joined the pageant again last year, she brought the crown home, thereby giving her the opportunity to represent her country in this year’s Miss Universe pageant in Brazil. Gabriela is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and stands 5 feet and 9 1/2 inches tall.

Photo credit: Missosology

What’s our say about her?
Gabriela isn’t a newbie in beauty pageantry anymore…she obviously is a veteran, which basically means she has an edge over other candidates from other countries. She speaks CONFIDENCE. She’s a dead-ringer, hot brunette! Those eyes of hers are to die for. She’s this year’s femme fatale thus far. Her body is toned and damn right leggy-sexy! We just hope she doesn’t sport a crimped hairdo that bitchy Monic Peréz did last year. She’s not gonna make it if she does. We mean she got the pretty, give-tit-for-tat, arresting look but if she doesn’t pull a bewitching styling and stuff, she’ll definitely lose her chances.

What do pageant fans and experts say about her?

“I am not too crazy about her.” –Maricsa, Puerto Rico

“She’s not a strong delegate for PR, but I also said it to Gabriela Isler last year and she proved me wrong! Everything can happen in MU these days!”- Nazree, Venezuela

“Well, as of now, she is only a top 16 for me. Maybe with more contestants elected she will be out of my top 16 list. I find her facial beauty too harsh but I cannot deny that she has a great body.” – Andy Mickey Yules

“She is a strong candidate..just have to refine some details…potential is there…but in Miss Universe, anything can happen.” – Manny Lugo

“I don’t understand all the hate…omg the new Miss Puerto Rico is Fu******g gorgeous, a doll. She obviously needs some changes and everything, but she’s breathtaking. I was in the pageant that night and I have to say that gabriela OWNED the stage and was the clear front runner, Bayamon escalated positions with that great answer but not enough to pass gabriela who was top 2 in SS, EG and was the second best answer….by overall she won.” –Poseidon, Puerto Rico

“I’ve told Gabriela many times that she needs to learn how to smile with her mouth open always, and it will make her look less scary, pero no hace caso.” –Wisethought

“Gabriela’s preparation will start full in January, since now the priority is Monic. Gaby already started working on the GYM though, but I still don’t know the details about what’s gonna be worked on specifically. She was already evaluated by the organization and various points were pointed out to be fixed and improved, still don’t know the details neither, but we might have an idea, right? Gaby has been doing various interviews today in Telemundo and Univision (Ruben and Co.) so pay attention to your local channels.” -e_maris, Puerto Rico

“She is getting better than in coronation night. She should stay away from heavy make up. I believe in her, she can transform better. The most important thing is she should stop gym for awhile if she doesn’t want to end like manly girl from far far far away.” –Dewi_persik, Indonesia


Photo credit: Missosology

Photo credit: VOY

Photo credit: Missosology

Photo credit: Missosology

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