Doral Controversy: Residents are Furious About Allotment for Miss Universe 2014

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Doral Controversy: Doral, Miami – Some local officials and many residents of Doral are in the middle of controversy and are of conflicting ideas as to whether where the government can get a whooping 2 million dollars to support the staging of Miss Universe 2014 January next year. In a news report by NTN24, some residents are furious about how the government of Doral could possibly shell out such a huge amount of money. They are afraid that it has to be taken out from taxpayers’ and they’re accusing the government of corruption. “Latinos can NOT live honestly. Shame to the Venezuelan government!” a resident said in a twitter post of NTN24. “We always take our habits wherever we go”, one added.

Here’s a screenshot of the NTN24 twitter post:


And few comments:
Here’s the video of the full report:

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