DORAL CONTROVERSY: Officials Have Already Spoken

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DORAL CONTROVERSY: Officials Have Already Spoken

From left, Doral Commissioner Sandra Ruiz, Mayor Luigi Boria, Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler, Donald Trump, Commissioner Ana Maria Rodriguez and Miss Universe Organization President Paula Shugart pose after a press conference to announce that the 63rd annual Miss Universe Pageant 2014 will be held at FIU. (Photo Courtesy: PEDRO PORTAL MIAMI HERALD STAFF)

The city officials of Doral Miami have already spoken about the budget for the Miss Universe 2014 staging.

No taxpayer fund to be used, just from the sponsors; however, not paperworks yet.

“In just two weeks, we already collected more than $1 million in sponsorships”, the Mayor said. “We will not have to even touch taxpayer money. I have the utmost faith”, he added. Baptist Health South Florida, spicemaker Badia, Pan Am World Airways and Codina (developed building in downtown Doral) are among of the few being mentioned to sponsor the pageant.

HOWEVER, these pledges were all oral and there hasn’t any formal papers yet according to the city manager’s office. “At this time we do not have any responsive documents to provide,” City Manager Edward Rojas stressed during interview. The city’s chief of staff Alfredo Ortega, had the same statement. “Baptist Health South Florida is in conversations with the Miss Universe Organization about a potential healthcare partnership for the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant,” Dori Robau Alvarez, Baptist Health spokesperson said in an email Miami Herald. “Details have not been solidified yet.” Representatives of Badia, PAWA Dominicana and Codina hasn’t sent official statements yet about the sponsorships. “I have referred all sponsorship leads to the good people of the pageant. It is my understand that those commitments are being formalized.” Mayor Boria said.

Since city officials vowed not to use any of the taxpayers’ money, many are wondering about the $500,000 check that was written to the MUO on October 2, as confirmed by the city’s finance department.

Mayor Boria told taxpayers that their money wouldn’t have to be used because of how “successful fund-raising has been.”

Boria was joined by Trump, Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler, council members Sandra Ruiz and Ana Maria Rodriguez and Florida International University athletic director Pete Garcia at the Trump National Doral golf resort. The pageant, run by Trump, won’t actually happen in Doral — it will be at FIU’s U.S. Century Bank Arena.

Boria said events leading up to the pageant, including the coronation ball, parades and fashion shows, will take place in Doral.

Donald Trump, in return, pledged to offer a scholarship for the pageant using the location.

Source: Miami Herald

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