Chalita Yaemwannang: Will A UK-Bred Thai Raise The Asian Flag?

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Miss Thailand for 2013 Miss Universe Pageant
Age: 25 years old
Birthdate: April 21, 1988
Height: 175 cm.
Education: Masters Degree in Tourism Management and Marketing (Bournemouth University, UK)

“Plain! Neeeext! ” –Vayz Ganda, Philippines

“Congratulations to the winner Chalita! This is the best year! We really appreciated the result. We got a tall and tanned-skin queen, with perfect hair, smart verbalization and exotic sense!” –Super M, Thailand

“Pretty…She’s on the same level with Ara Arida.” –tresure, Aland Islands

“Not raving about her win, but she’s a decent choice…would’ve been happier if #37 won.” –AngHaraya, Philippines

“Asians are mature this year LOL. Thailand and Japan are 25 years old. Philippines and Indonesia are 24 years old. Korea and Malaysia are 23 years old. I’m waiting for India and China.” –novemberRain,Indonesia

“She’s okay for now. Her beauty is so Miss Earth. She reminds me of a Filipina beauty queen named Krystle Ann Grant….and now, Team South East Asia is getting stronger! I’m still waiting for Vietnam, though!” –suswot, Philippines

“Plain! She will clap for sure!” –Mara, Aland Islands

“Her very fresh face will make her enter the cute list MU 13! Goodluck Thailand!” –andrenwandy, Indonesia

“I like her. I was disappointed when the semifinalists got called because some beautiful girls got ignored. But at least they crowned a beautiful winner. She had a great performance. She had a good answer, and she seems to have a lot of personality; she is not too demure. Good choice!” –hybrid, France

“Super like! I am soooo happy she won! I just moved her down to a runner up in my list coz I really wanted her for MI. But now that she’s going to MU, the hype goes on. I love her during the crowning. . she’s soooo cool! She’s like a modern Thai woman (I dunno how to explain. haha). . I love her. .and I cant believe, I love all Asians so far (except 1). . . and all of them are in my list!!” –kenhan, Bangkok

“I think this girl is beautiful. She’s an Asian Monica Spear. My favorite from Asia so far.” –The Deserter, Ireland

“She is so beautiful, but not that close with other girls. I will wait for her improvement. I know she can. At the moment, she’s in my top 5 list.” –Leon Mark, Manila

“Clapper! There are at least 2 or 3 better girls than her! What a pity!” –caribicha, Martinique

“I love her! I’m so happy that she won MUT! She’s my sentimental fave for MU 2013 now. It’s true that she needs to improve her catwalk, but I’m sure she will work hard to be ready for MU. She already has an amazing presence on stage and she’s confident. I love her style and her personality.” –Shizuma974, Reunion Island

“Thailand is not going to make it in Miss Universe 2013 unless of course she’s one of the Trump cards of course.” –andrenwandy, Indonesia

“Looks to me like she is going to get a plastic surgery like MU Thailand in 2010.” –manies_flip, Florida

“Nothing has changed in my order of preference. Indonesia and Japan are still my best bets for Asian presence in the Top 15: 1. Indonesia, 2. Japan, 3. Philippines, 4. Korea / Thailand, 5. Malaysia…I do believe in the so-called S@SH F@CTOR that’s why Philippines is in the 3rd. I will change it perhaps when China and India select their respective representatives.” –Jupiter Streets, Philippines

“She is cute, but not strong enough to face the 2013 batch in my opinion. Let see if time makes me wrong.” –Karinouninette, Paris

“Miss Thailand looks very pretty. The facially best Asian so far.” –wingsofnightingale, Estonia

“Not convinced. But if the organizers can make her improve just like Janine, then she will make a blast.” –BladeWithAHeart

“Beautiful–we can’t deny that! But she’s on the same level with Miss Malaysia right now. She looks like Miss Vietnam last year. In my opinion, 2 Asians are ahead of her right now. I’m still waiting for China and especially India. It’s gonna be fun. It’s either good or bad news for India again.” –Dr.Manuel

“Plain Jane to the highest level! Even that Whulandary of Indonesia. I hate her! It’s gonna be another clapping year for Thailand. Karma is B**ch!” –im_roland18, London


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