Camille Cerf, Miss France 2015 Drops Names and Reveals Incidents

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Camille Cerf, Miss France 2015 Drops Names and Reveals Incidents
Camille Cerf, Miss France 2015 is never gonna let anyone get in the way. She will always say whatever it is that she wanna say. Aside from the infamous statements she said through her tweets and interviews, she’s striking back with more to say. Here’s a script of her recent interview with Le Figaro.

Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe

So Camille, three days after your Miss Universe adventure, how do you feel?
Very well. Finally, I’m glad all this is over because it is a very challenging adventure that kept me three weeks away from France. And as I am happy with my ranking, all is well!

What’s a typical Miss Universe day like?
Well’ we gotta be up at 5 AM to prepare all by ourselves to do our makeup and hairstyle. Breakfast is served at 7:00. And then we go to different photo or video shoots, interviews with members of the Miss Universe committee, and also other various stresses and wait-times for some events to come. So we were on-call and we must be prepared at any time.

“I did my makeup and styling alone.”

How was the Miss Universe pageant evening in Miami? Where there anything that happened? What were your preparations as Miss France?
On the same day of the finals night hours before the show, we were already set for everything. So we head to the backstage to get everything done. When I was about to have my makeup and hairstyle done, I kinda had a difficult time. I went to an empty chair for the stylist to do it, but he didn’t want me to sit there because he was expecting for Miss Costa Rica. The same thing happened to me with another makeup artist who said he was available for Miss Spain. So I said, “Well, I’ll do my makeup and styling alone then”. So I did all my make up and my hair. About half an hour after the show began on NBC, we already knew who the fifteen girls were, and gladly I was part of it.

“Miss Philippines and Miss Venezuela had nothing to do in the top 10”

Was it a relief to be in the top 15?
Yes, because that was my goal. And I had enough confidence in myself to believe in. Looking at the competition, I knew I could have my place in the top 15. And if I ever didn’t, then I would consider it as a great bonus.

When the hosts announced the top 10 and you realized you didn’t make it, what did you feel?
I made my own top 10 in my head, where I did not have myself included. But after seeing one that was not chosen, then I told myself that I had my place. But before the top 10, several of us girls did not understand why others didn’t make it…Costa Rica, for example. Conversely, Miss Philippines and Miss Venezuela had nothing to do in the top 10. Miss Jamaica, the fourth runner up, was so original that she deserved to win.

Camille Cerf and Paulina Vega

Your opinion about the winner, Paulina Vega, Miss Colombia?
She is an extraordinary person with whom I befriended with during my three-week stay in Miami. She did not take the competition seriously, but she knew she would be in the top 5. Our runway coach even yelled at her of being too casual and told her “at Miss Universe, we do not want a little girl”. So she was very surprised to win.

“Donald Trump had always greet me”

It seems that you had a special relationship with Donald Trump, the wealthy owner of the Miss Universe event. What can you say about it?
It was amazing for me. When we saw him during one of our dinners, he went straight to me and greeted me, which he did not do with the others or if ever he greeted them, he always stopped to talk to me.

Didn’t he say anything about you expressing your disagreement with his statement about the gun law in France and what happened lately in France?

To be precise, he tweeted this after the attacks in Paris. For him, though each had his weapon, it would not have occurred if gun law were straightened out. And during screening interviews, the jury asked me about the struggle against terrorism in my country. I thought about Mr. Trump’s tweet and I explained that I did not agree with what he said; that violence could not be the answer to violence. Maybe Mr. Trump did not like whatever I said, but at least I was in agreement with what I think.

How did you experience this dramatic period, so far from Paris?
It was a difficult time. First, I had trouble getting information because often we did not have our phones with us. So far, as a cut of the world, it took me a while to realize the magnitude of the disaster. I was upset not to be in France to feel and share with everyone the torment that gripped the country.

What is your program for the future?
I’m leaving on a cruise with girlfriends who have supported me during this adventure. I know they were all in front of their TV to encourage me. They were on top! In the US, I was still a little frustrated not being able to express the nuance of my feelings or emotions. This will do me good to be able to speak in French again.

Info Source: Le Figaro France. 

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