Bb. Pilipinas Is Ready For a 4-Peat Finish!

Philippines - Ariella Hernandez Arida
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Binibining Pilipinas for 2013 Miss Universe Pageant
Age: 24 years old
Birthplace: Alaminos, Laguna, Philippines
Height: 1.72 m (5 ft. 7.9 in.)
Education: BS Chemistry (University of the Philippines-Los Baños Campus)
Work: Ramp model
Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2013 (Best in Swimsuit)
Trivia: She competed in Miss Earth-Philippines 2012 and she was unplaced.

Let’s take a look at the different comments from pageant enthusiasts around the globe:

“I’m looking forward for Miss Philippines that she can bring home the crown as Miss Universe 2013. She looks so beautiful. She has a magnetic charm that can easily catch the attention of any people in a minute of looking at her. I really believe in her and I know she will make us all Filipino be proud of her.” –Sandy L., Saudi Arabia
“A big worry of analysts is her communication skills. Yes, she maybe is from the University of the Philippines and she may easily answer the questions given to her. But she lacks the proper communication skills that the past queens have. When she answered her final question, even if she was so sure of her answer, it can be deduced that she has a sense of unsureness in the way she delivered her answer. She also lacked the proper pronunciation of words in her answer. I’ve read that some fans say that she is no match to Olivia Culpo’s (Miss Universe 2012) speaking skills. But not to worry, I’m sure that the past queens will guide her through in that dilemma. Venus is very eloquent in pronunciation. Also, Shamcey and Janine aced their answers from both their respective pageants. So I know that they will train Ara into having a more confident way of communication.”  –zyggzlovesalli, Philippines

Bb. PIlipinas 2013 Universe Ariella Arida struts on the runway during the JAG Origins show for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 at SMX, Mall of Asia last May 24, 2013. Photo Courtesy of Bruce Casanova / STATUS Magazine

“This girl is horrible. This year is not for Philippines in Miss Universe. Sorry!” –giozeppe460, Mexico

“Overrated and over-hyped..She’s just an ordinary girl with NO Wow factor…yawning….zzzz” –Sunjata

“A boring effing plain jane! Worse is, she looks like a milf. I can see this face ‘jinxing’ Philippines for 1 decade more and following the same jinx pattern like since Miriam got 1st R.U. Those who were expecting Philippines to climb the ascending pattern to win this year can start forgetting that dream. Her name itself looks ‘jinxy’. ARIDa will lead Philippines to the ARID desert drought once again. Pia the ‘REAL’ beauty has been massacred.” –Miss Universe 1000 B.C., Mauritius

“Top 5 for me, I love her!” –Clemacie,  France

“I don’t see anything so extra about the Winner but the 1st Runner-up Misses Supranational and Tourism are beautiful.” -Veevee

“Hmmm… Aside from Helen Henson, I also see Isabela Manjon on her.” –Matariki, Philippines

“I’m not usually a fan of Miss Philippines only because of their fanatical fans (which I find a big turn-off, like fans of some Latin countries) but Janine really was a special girl and think she was robbed of the Miss Universe title. The new Miss Universe representative is gorgeous as well, including her court, beautiful girls.” –G

“Honestly, she’s a very decent candidate. I wasn’t even mad when she took the crown. Right now I would give her a Top 15 spot at the most. She has a lot of work to do specially in the personality department. Nonetheless, facially she is very pretty. There’s just something really special about her specially when she sports the minimal & au naturale look. Really good answer as well in the Q&A. Great results for the Philippines though with International, Tourism, & Supra!” –MarkJacobs, Brazil

“The best set of winners! Congratulations! Philippines might get the Miss Universe crown this time. The MUP got a lot of sex appeal. An asian vixen I will say.” –Khristy, United Kingdom

“I wasn’t expecting her, but I’m not disappointed with her win. I’ll wait for her transformation before I make my decision.” –Shamster, Pennsylvania

“I don’t know what to say. She is pretty, but in some angles she looks mature. But at the moment, she gives me the same feeling like Miss Venezuela. But we have to wait on the training to see the improvement, and to see if she transforms into a queen like the last 3 Miss Philippines.” –gemini03, New York

“Frontrunner from Asia, no doubt. This girl is way more beautiful than Venus, Shamcey & Janine together!!! However, she tends to look formulaic from some angles. She’s the type of beauty of Mary Ann Ross Misa, Helen Nicolette Henson, etc. I can see her doing extremely well. It depends on her transformation and how they package her.” –valleriam, Puerto Rico

“It is in her seeming unsureness that she comes across as strong. Vulnerability like the Leila Lopes vulnerability can touch the heart of judges. But I see her ability to rise to every challenging situation. When her moment comes, she will rise to the occasion.” –ambivalent_2003, Philippines

“Top 15 for sure !! I like her with less make up though! Congratulations Philippines! You have a great batch of winners!” –Vivid, London

“There is something special in ARA that’s why she won! I believe in her. She will make us all proud!” –Johan, Saudi Arabia

“Ara is very workable! Her transformation from her ME stint is an example that this girl is dedicated and determined! Good luck!” –kwanloong, Norway
“Ariella reminds me of Ximena Navarete. She looks fierce and stunning but her aura (when talking and in the interviews) is sweet and very elegant. I hope that she ends up with the same fate as Navarette because I really believe that she CAN!  With all the “New Asian Beauty Powerhouse” hype, the judges may look twice at Arida as she struts in front of them. And I read that Miss Universe 2013 will now be in Las Vegas, we can expect that a lot of Filipinos in USA will support our representative again like they did with Miss Raj and Miss Tugonon. In the end, it doesn’t really matter if Arida make it or not (at least for me). We already had 2 Miss Universe (while other countries do not even have a single one), and a 3-Peat Runner ups for heaven’s sake! As for me, do not put too much pressure on Arida. She can do it but she really needs a lot of support especially now because she indeed has big shoes to fill in.  ARIBA ARIDA!” –friendmaniac, Philippines

“She wasn’t my favourite, but I actually like her. I think she has a chance to do well at Miss Universe pageant. IMO Ara looks way better than the girl from last year who became the 1st RU.” –mr_electriccat, Poland

“If PIA or MUTYA had won the main title, then they would have been strong crown contenders at MU. But this girl Arida might clap hard this time… and thank GOD, Mariel din’t win LOL..” –dreamz0408, India

“I’m not gonna lie, I like her! When she won, I was shocked! But I see exactly how she did! Top 10 for now, but I’ll wait more into her reign to judge more. But I think she’s the prettiest girl the Philippines has sent since they started placing top 5.” –MissUniverseFan1987, Las Vegas

“The BEST group of winners in BPCI´s history! The pressure lies heavily on Miss Arida´s shoulders to go on a four-peat placing in this year´s Miss Universe pageant! I can see Miss Santiago winning the Miss INTERNATIONAL crown and Mutya Datul winning the Miss SUPRANATIONAL title in Belarus in September! Pia Wurtzbach must return to compete, again, next to clinch a deserved Binibining crown! For sure, The PHILIPPINES is on the road to a winsome streak!” -Charles Cohen


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