Amy Willerton Is In It To Give The Crown To Brit

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Miss Great Britain for 2013 Miss Universe Pageant
Amy Willerton
Age: 20 years old
Birthdate: August 18, 1992
Birthplace: Bristol, England
Height: 1.78 m (5 ft. 10 in.)
Titles: Miss London 2012 (Winner), Miss Universe Great Britain 2013 (Winner)
Trivia: She represented Wales in Miss Asia Pacific World 2011, where a major pageant fiasco happened.

“I’m buzzin’. She’s a gorgeously stunning lass, I saw her at a club in south of London. Last year she’s Miss London. The confidence is already there, after all she’s a model. A definite top 5 material and she could end up winning. A force to be reckoned with. She’s a Victoria’s Secret material too. She’s a reality star from “Signed by Katie Price”, like Next top model but as a glamor model only.” –Marcesan, Naples

“…the pageant took place in Cardiff (Wales), she had the crowd support too. But i am happy someone deserving is going to wear the GB flag this year and is truly deserving. The only problem I see with Amy is that she tends to look a bit matured for her age, I hope she is groomed well. For heaven sake Miss Universe is almost forgotten in UK and if Amy does good we can get our glory days back.” –Kelly_Priestly, London

“I don’t think she needs a major transformation, just keeping up the good styling – she’s already on the mark with her clothes, hair, makeup etc so she just needs to make sure she’s thoroughly prepped for Miss Universe.” –AbiRose, United Kingdom

Amy Willerton“She’s not in my top for MU. Too mature looking for me. I suppose she’ll end up MU with the Miss CHI award like Nathalie Den Dekker because Trump will love her.” –Shizuma974, Reunion Island

“DAMN! Thats why she looks so familiar! She was the biatch who threatened Ms Asia pacific org, and she even challenged them with lawyers and all! Though I have to admire her for the courage to do it, but honestly, beauty-wise she’s not all that. Weve seen all her candids during Ms Asia Pacific and she’s just okay-ish. If this is MW, fine! She can even win it all…but I doubt if the same thing is gonna happen in MU.” –kenhan, Bangkok

“I’m so glad that finally we have a worthy Brit! Congratulations Amy!” –The_King, Great Britain

“Great Britain can make the top 16 for the first time ever this year with Amy!” –Beingjohnmalkovitch, South Carolina

“Wow, my favourite won!!! Finally GB has a shot at top-16! What a good day, both Switzerland and GB crowned deserving ladies! Way to go Europe.” –Nefrit, Russia

“She’s sexy and attractive no doubt! For me she’s the Rina Chibany of this year.” –Colombiandiva, Colombia

“Big hopes for this girl. It’s been a long time since GB has sent a beautiful girl for MU. Gotta love her! Big-boned blonde girl—drop-dead gorgeous! She reminds me somehow of Anna Nicole Smith’s frank beauty. I hope she gets blonder, and plays her cards right. She need proper training and proper gowns.” –hotdog, LuxembourgAmy Willerton

“YeaahhH! Baby! Holy Sh*t! A sure spot for GB this year! OMG! She’s so perfect! Obviously, some pageant supporters feel threatened! I can line up her along with Venezuela, PR, France, Korea, Philippines, Korea, Russia for now. She’s currently my top 2: Venezuela, GB, then PR. I knew it! GB will be a threat again! I am so excited for Amy!” –im_roland18, London

“Big crowd favorite won! I’m pretty sure Mr. trump will love her. her hair and make up are perfect!” –novemberRain, Indonesia

Amy Willerton “Did I just see a star quality here?? This girl’s gonna be a media darling; she has so much impact. Great job GB!” –AustinIII, Myanmar

“Agree! She has a star quality. She is like a Hollywood-ish actress—Class “A” elite beauty. She’s a top caliber in this year’sedition of Miss Universe. I hope she has a great catwalk skill. I want to see her catwalk in motion.” –SamerL, Philippines

Know more info about Amy Willerton’s winning here.

More photos during the pageant finals here.

Follow Amy Willerton’s tumblr page here.

b. Miss Universe Great Britain

Photo Courtesy:
a. Miss Universe Great Britain
b. Amy Willerton Facebook Page
c. Ruth Rose Photography

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