5 Unforgettable Events after the 64th Miss Universe Coronation Night

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Find time to recall some interesting events after the 64th Miss Universe Coronation Night

Tracing the history that marked unforgettable events after 64th Miss Universe Coronation Night

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Our insiders have been preparing for the 65th Miss Universe pageant updates and considering to highlight this memorable event that happened last 64th Miss Universe.We extremely commend our editorial team for this inside news that they patiently collated. Without further ado here are the events we’ve highlighted:

Controversial Miss Universe News That Pageant Fans Reacted

1. Miss Universe Pageant is Rigged Says Perez Hilton

After sharing his narration, fans were satisfied about what really happened in Vegas. Thanks for the detailed podcast posting.

2. Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez ‘s Suicide News is a Hoax

It was alarming that time when a suicide news circulated on the net that Miss Colombia was found lifeless on the bathroom. Many believed to have overdosed herself with lots of pills. Fans dig the truth and found out that it was not true. Thanks for the support.

The Response After the Controversial Suicide Incident of the first runner up Miss Ariadna Gutierrez

3. Miss Colombia Tells All

This is part of the pageant history. MU Fans knew this incident. Find time to review her conversation when she finally expressed her side.

A Remarkable News After the Miss Universe Controversy

4. Miss Colombia Wins Vin Diesel For A Flick

1st Runner Up Miss Universe 2015 Ariadna Gutierrez had an interesting role with Vin Diesel as her partner of the movie xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. Fans across the world were thrilled about this big hit of Ariadna.

5. Miss Colombia Received Adult Film Offer

After the coronation night, famous adult entertainment company opened a pornographic movie proposal for Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez. It was a million dollar offer. No one could ever received this talent fee. For sure, Ariadna Gutierrez considered this but also reflected the outcome if she would take the offer.

Here is a video during the coronation night and a pageant history was written in the life of some famous personalities especially to Pia and Ariadna when both were on the stage to vie the 64th Miss Universe crown:

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