Who is up for the next crown? From which country will the next queen be? Check out the ladies vying for the Miss Universe 2016 title. More »


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Ms. Universe Pageant

Miss Universe competition brings Ms. Universe Pageant battle of beauty and glamour between countries around the globe.
  • Miss Universe 2017 is all set

    • With months before the next highly-acclaimed Miss Universe pageant kicks in, pageant fans and netizens are quite thrilled as to how the hosting would be and how Philippines is preparing for the big show. Lucky us, we got some scoops. More »
  • Pia proved that she has what it takes

    • Pia Wurtzbach proved that she has what it takes to be the new Miss Universe. She made it all through the top 3 and gave a very honest answer emphasizing practical causes as a beauty queen, which just sealed her spot. More »
  • She won the Miss Universe 2015 title

    • Miss Pia Wurtzbach from the Philippines lambasted 80 other equally beautiful women from around the world and won the Miss Universe 2015 title in a very grand finals night held in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada More »